‘I Feel Like We’re Only Like Thirty-Five Percent Of The Way There. That’s The Bizarre Part’ – Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin Highlighted In New Feature

Apr 18 2014

Travis O'Guin GreenRoom Magazine

It takes a special kind of person to run the most successful independent hip hop label in the world.

In fact, some (us included) would argue that Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin is not actually human, but rather some sort of hyper-efficient machine man that’s just really good at acting like a cool, regular guy.

It is this super-human attention to detail and business savvy that made Travis a fascinating subject to Greenroom Magazine, who recently published a feature about the mysterious mogul in their latest issue.

The article’s main focus is on Travis’ almost impossibly on-point business tactics, juxtaposed with his blue collar, unassuming demeanor, and paints a vivid picture of why heavy hitters within the music industry are chomping at the bit to work with him.


In between marveling at the “well-oiled machine” that Travis has constructed, Greenroom makes readers privy to some background on Travis that makes his work ethic somewhat easier to fathom (yet still mind blowing):

‘Though O’Guin lives comfortably now, he’s about as working class as they come. He’s a product of the Leeds neighborhood of Kansas City, where a large General Motors assembly plant of the same name once stood. He expresses himself with soft-spoken Midwestern sincerity, rarely raising his voice even when declaring that “90% of people in the music business are sub-par, intelligence-wise.” He balances that candor with humility that may seem surprising coming from someone who has experienced this degree of success. He’s quick to say “I’m not the smartest motherfucker in the world, I just try to learn something new every day. I evaluate things, and then trust my gut instinct.”’

The article is the perfect read for anyone thinking about getting into the music business, or just for us regular Technicians that have always wondered how the hell this guy does the things he does.

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