Sad Kanye Pic – Talkin’ Shieza

May 2 2014

Shieza 2

The internet is a wonderful thing.

In an effort to pay homage to all the crazy shit the internet gifts us with daily, we’ve created this weekly feature in which we’ll take a quick second to ponder the more ridiculous things produced by a world wide web of equally ridiculous human beings.

To kick off the series, three of our blog contributors will ponder this magical image of Kanye West having the least fun ever had by someone about to go on a zip-line. First posted to Reddit, the image has already gone viral and left people to ask – why is Kanye so sad?

Kanye zip 2

Victor: He’s probably pretty concerned about who made the zip-line cord. Kim wanted to go zip-lining, Kanye was like, “Aight, fly” and he wore his dopest Versace tank, only to get there and have to drift down the plains of Brazil (is that where they are?) on a cord made at fucking K-Mart? Nah son…he didn’t leave Chicago for that.

Jeff: Ye’s probably pissed that the Yeezy Foamposites sold out in a day and he didn’t get a cut. That’d be sick if this picture inspired people to wear hard hats to the club.

Brent: The raw emotion. The pensive look on his face. What is life for Kanye? I’ve never seen such an array of emotions in a picture, I mean this may end up on the cover of a National Geographic. Is Kanye afraid of zip-lines? Is he planning his spoken word album in the depths of the Latin jungle? We may never know for sure, but either way this is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

  • What do you think Kanye is thinking about in this picture?

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