The Best (And Funniest) YouTube Comments On The ‘Hard’ Video

May 22 2014


We’ve all seen it happen. Sometimes a music video comes along that doesn’t do anything to complement the song it was created for, leaving us disappointed and our eyes blue-balled. This is not that kind of video.

When the spastic, intense visuals for Tech N9ne & MURS’ “Hard” dropped, the YouTube comments section immediately exploded with messages of praise and disbelief, and of course a few poop jokes.

We couldn’t not share some of our favorite comments with you, so here ya go:

tzokke1 – So… drinking monster energy drink makes you constipated…?

Margie Smith7 – Rednose Pit taken off the leash…….BANG

lionxx19 – Damn. This is unbelievable dope. Their flow is not from this fucking planet.

HopeRunsDeep2214 – This video is sooooo sick. But yeah I can see how people are getting seizures lol. Tech you are the greatest, hands down.

5T3PH3N10020 – BRB just having a stroke

GOOB30001 – That bass on the kick tho

Ill Owl2 – Tech N9ne is forreal the MOON turned RED when he was in TAMPA for the first time this year!

Oliver Fishburn23 – the video made my shit hard ;P

Torey Rubin – Tech’s shit is hard; constipated. But if your music leaks early; that’s diarrhea.

James Fabre7 – I am not a fan of Rap or Hip Hop…but Tech N9ne is amazing!! I am EBAH and Strange Music makes me smile!!

Justice Tait21 – Holy tits. chaa!

theDEADLIESTwarrior722 – i love strange too much to care about getting a seizuuuuuuiophgiopuoiphdgoiphtgph8wpignohn iongofhng[a

Colby Waters16 – I’ve never listened Tech N9ne, until now, this is FREAKING awesome!

David Baer1 – Bang! Bang! Bang! We’re gonna bang! For Strange!

LilSlykk1 – Tech is prob the only person who can put out an album every year and yet each album is better than the last

SahViper13 – This is probably one of the sickest videos holy fuck, good job guys

Callum Johnson – Finally a song to play whilst i take my morning shit

Mike Cerda – This video gave me a seizure……But it was totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!

cs18 – that spin do

Travis Bartholomew – I read the warning at the beginning of the video. I ignored it, passed out, and woke up in strange land. TECH N9NE

Nate Winkel – Embrace the seizures

Alex Michael – does anyone else want a monster energy drink right now? lol

TheSadlock – i Seriously love that transition when he gets his Hard facepaint that some nice editing \o/ this video is going way too hard though hahaha awesome

If you haven’t yet, please go peep the video and leave an equally awesome/hilarious comment for us and Tech to enjoy.




  • What did YOU think of the new video?
  • What other tracks from Strangeulation would you like to see visuals for?

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