‘I’ll Knock A Motherfucker Out When That Song Comes On’ – MURS Gets Excited About ‘Brand New Get Up’ From ‘¡MURSDAY!’

Jun 11 2014

murs breakdown

With the release of ¡MURSDAY!, ¡MAYDAY! and MURS have fans everywhere rejoicing.

We recently got MURS’ take on one of the most upbeat tracks from the album, “Brand New Get Up”, and how it came to fruition.

So why did MURS originally write an astounding 150 bars for this song and how is this track similar to a beautiful woman?

Read the full interview below to find out.

Is this a track where the beat inspired the concept? Because just listening to the beat, it’s one of those songs that you feel and makes you want to move.

This was like me being on “Fools Gold”, “My Own Parade” or “Here” from the beginning. The beat is so amazing that I was like, “This is a hit record” and they kind of dumped it on me like, “We can’t figure out what to do with it.” I think there’s processes for them like they build the music, then they put the hook on it, then add in the lyrics. I was in almost at the ground floor for “Brand New Get Up” they were like, “We love this beat but everything we’ve tried to do for a hook doesn’t work, what do you got?” And hooks are not my strong suit. It got to the point where I wrote a 108 bar verse to it. Because they were like, “Man MURS, you’re always saying crazy shit, just come up with some crazy shit!”

Murs Studio

So I wrote this crazy “maybe baby Jesus in a little pink dress” crazy rap that I did for them and it was just insane. Everybody was laughing. They tried to take parts of that. That didn’t work. They called in one of their homegirls that I had the pleasure of meeting, Anjuli – she tried to do something to it. Bernz tried to do something to it. Everybody was trying the whole four or five weeks that we were recording to get “Brand New Get Up” and we couldn’t get it.

Then one day, we all got there around two or three and I went to get coffee and Gio called me and said, “We cracked it. We cracked ‘Brand New Get Up’.” And it was on from there. By this time I had literally written about 150 bars for it and I had to come up with a whole new 16 for my verse.

I’m sure it felt like a huge accomplishment to finally have it come together after trying to get it for so long.

Yeah and I think that was one of my best delivered verses. It’s one of my favorite songs to perform. This is also one of the ones where we kind of got out of the way of the chorus because everyone can relate to it. It reminded me of CeeLo singing, “git up, git out, and git something” when I first heard that on the Outkast album. He was just so dope to me and he’s such a nice dude and he’s been an acquaintance of mine and ¡MAYDAY!’s so I felt like I had to shout him out. The vibe of get up and get out with that beat and that hook, to me it’s one of my favorite songs to perform. Either that or “Bitcoin Beezy”.

How could you not love this song? I feel like I’m not being vain because Wrek kills it, Bernz kills it. I’m still in a personal debate like I think it’s one of my favorite verses on the album, I think my best verse, yet I don’t even have the best verse on the song. And I can’t decide whether Wrek or Bernz has it…nah, I think I’m going to give it to Bernz today. [sings, “bitch I’m in my feelings”] Oooooo, that is so turnt! I’ll knock a motherfucker out when that song comes on. I’ll punch somebody in the fucking mouth! Oooooo!


We’ve seen you on stage during that song and you are going hard the whole time.

I’m very smiley the whole time but behind that is such a hardcore aggression. I feel like that whole song is a knockout punch. When we did it at SXSW there wasn’t one fucking hand down and no one had heard that song before! I don’t care what you listen to, death metal, jazz, gospel, you have to love that song.

What’s your take on the production?

We didn’t take that beat for granted, and they taught me a certain reverence for music. The fact that they made the beat and they’re still so cautious about the hook and the words they put on it taught me a deeper reverence for a track. It could be a banging track but you can’t just get on there and do anything. It has to be a good marriage. A lot of people treat hot beats like the trophy wives like I’ll put this on my arm and it’s going to look good. That does work a lot of times, but when you have a true connection with a beautiful woman it’s even better. I feel like that’s what that beat is: our connection with the hottest chick in the world and us having a real connection with her. She loves the same football teams, she read the same comic books, everything is in sync. That’s how I feel about that song, everything came together, finally. We wanted it to work out so badly, but we didn’t want to force it.

That’s a really awesome analogy, actually. And, like you said, this is a track that has a universal message and can apply to a lot of different situations. Whether it be to literally get up and go move, or just getting up and out of your social medias, it works different for different people.

That’s a good one – getting out of your social media. Everyone needs to do that.

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So before the album came out, we kept hearing that you all wanted ¡MURSDAY! to have its own vibe. What vibe do you think y’all ended up with?

Man… I think it’s just our own vibe. A ¡MURSDAY! party vibe – a celebration. To me, ¡MURSDAY! is a party that girls want to come to and stay. A house party where you want to dance for a while. Then there’s also people you can sit down with and have a good conversation with for a minute and then get back up and get dancing again. Then by the end of the night you’re way fucked up, but you know you had some good conversations, you may have made some new best friends and you definitely have a potential fiancé.

That’s the kind of party I wanted to create with ¡MURSDAY!. Something fun that lasts all day. Like “Tabletops” is some battle emcee shit, but it’s not like “Hard”. “Tabletops” is somewhere in the middle where you can get away with some aggressive emcee lines, but you don’t make girls scared.

Then you get into “Serge’s Song” where you’re sitting on the couch, playing badminton, getting some BBQ or waiting in line for the bathroom and you’re talking about your brother who’s locked up and gets a little deep but then whatever. “New Years Day” is toward the end of the night where everyone is fucked up and you had a great time. The party’s a little slow because everyone is tired from being drunk all day, then you pass out and wake up in the morning and that’s like “Spiked Punch”. Keep the party going, have another beer and let’s do it all over again.

So that’s the vibe: the ultimate house party. Where everybody is super-comfortable, super-fun… It’s not an orgy, but it’s sexy and you’ll respect yourself in the morning and you’ll want to come back to that person’s house if they have another party. But they might not have another one, so let’s just talk about it forever.

A legendary house party called ¡MURSDAY! – that’s the vibe.



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