Strange Music Track Breakdown: ¡MAYDAY! and MURS – ‘Bitcoin Beezy’

Jun 12 2014

Bitcoin Beezy

Anyone who’s not making annually making six figures knows that there’s something not quite right with our current economic system.

Debt is inherent, inflation is on the rise, and minimum wage (everywhere but Seattle) is pretty much a joke. Could digital cryptocurrencies be our saving grace?

“Bitcoin Beezy” off ¡MAYDAY! & MURS’ new album ¡MURSDAY! imagines a world where Bitcoin is already thriving, and it sounds pretty awesome.

We spoke to Bernz about the inspiration behind the song, whether he’s invested in the future of economics, and what he thinks will happen in a future full of digital everything.

Check out our chat with Bernz below.

I don’t want to say they weren’t in your lyrics before, but I guess I just recently started noticing a lot of progressive elements in your lyrics, whether it be social or economic or even spiritual. What was the catalyst for this track and some of your other verses like “We Are Free”? Would you say a major change is needed?

I mean I just try and stay awake without being too preachy man. I like people to make their own conclusions, but I think usually truth and justice and stuff like that usually shine on and that’s kind of what’s happening.

With “Bitcoin Beezy”, it was just kind of a vibe that it’s something that’s interesting to us to see the outcome of that and what’s happening because it’s change. It’s us moving into a new world in a way. It’s like, we don’t know completely what’s going on with Bitcoin so we didn’t want to make a preachy song about it, we wanted to make a fun song as if Bitcoins already exist in our universe and we were just having fun with it.

The whole Bitcoin thing to me and Mt. Gox and everything is hilarious to me, the whole story, so it’s like let’s just roll with the punches and make it happen.

Have you invested at all into the cryptocurrency movement?

[Pause] Uhhhhh no comment.

You know how they have all the new digital currencies like the Kanye West coin and the Doge coins? I think it’d be hilarious if someone made a ¡MURSDAY! cryptocurrency.

[Laughs] Yeah man, that’d be ill.

Do you agree with what MURS was saying at the end of the track, that the government hacked Bitcoin & that we’re headed towards a Blade Runner-type scenario? Obviously you can’t see the future, but what’s your best guess?

Ehhh, I don’t know. I don’t know if I believe that scenario so much, but it does hold some weight and it does make sense. I don’t’ like to wrap things up in such a neat little box, I think human beings are a little more complicated than that, but I think he had some good points.




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