Groupies, The Cypher, ‘Codename: Ego Stripper’ And More In CES Cru’s Interview With HipHopDX

Aug 12 2014

CES CRU DX Interview

Everything you wanted to know about CES Cru, their new album Codename: Ego Stripper and much more get covered in HipHopDX’s extensive interview with hip hop’s hottest duo.

While sitting down with HipHopDX, CES Cru went into detail about a variety of topics including but not limited to

  • The success of Constant Energy Struggles and what it’s done for their careers
  • Writing their cypher verses
  • CES Cru groupies

Check out how they define the difference between being “hungry” and “thirsty”

Ubiquitous: Thirsty means you’re trying too hard. If you’re hungry, you’re just acting instead of thinking. Thirsty people are thinking too much, but hungry people are just doing shit. That’s the difference for me.

Godemis: Yeah, I think you nailed it. I think that is the difference. Everybody’s thirsty. If you go to an event like South by Southwest, there’s just an overabundance of artists there and everybody’s a star. It just kind of dilutes the whole thing. People say, “Yeah, I’m going to network.” But nobody’s really networking. All you really see are postcards and people’s CDs just littering the streets. All this hand-to-hand networking that’s supposed to be happening isn’t really happening like that. I don’t know what that is. Maybe there’s too many people or cats are just too thirsty. There are all these stars here, but nobody wants to be a fan anymore. Everybody’s a star. That’s why you have an event like that going on, but now all the big acts have gotten to it, which further dilutes the whole thing. That’s thirsty.

I feel like everybody at South by Southwest is thirsty. They all want a drop. They don’t even know who you are, and then when they find out, it’s like, “Gimmie a drop.” You’re looking at them like, “OK, I guess. What am I saying again?” They’re just really thirsty.





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