Pairs Danny Brown With Strange Music In Draft Day Discussion

Aug 28 2014

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Playing the game of “hip hop what-if’s” will never, ever get old.

Since the beginning of the hip hop genre, the cultures of hip hop and sports have become increasingly intertwined. Now we have Pharrell curating the NBA 2k15 soundtrack, Lil Wayne writing a column for ESPN, and it seems like every other day another former (or current) athlete is trying their hand at this rap thing.

Rappers have also come to be revered and treated like athletes in many ways. Obvious comparisons have been drawn between the relationships of artist/label and player/team, and as much as sports fans enjoy creating fantasy teams and scenarios, we hip hop heads also love to ponder the alternate realities of the rap world.


In that spirt, recently published a discussion called “Draft Day: What Label Should Your Favorite Rapper Sign To?”, a discussion piece that imagined situations in which certain artists left their current label (or signed to a label in the first place) and headed somewhere different. How would they fit in? How would the label help them grow?

Among suggestions like Chance The Rapper signing to Drake’s OVO Sound imprint, Childish Gambino moving to MMG, or dropping Azealia Banks from the label scene altogether, DJBooth writer Charles Holmes took a moment to imagine what it’d be like if Danny Brown left Fools Gold Records and came over here to the land of the Snake and Bat.

Strange Music could be the exact place where Danny could study and start to learn fundamentals that would one day help him build his own massive operation.

What would it be like if the leader of the Bruiser Brigade came over to the house that Tech and Travis built? The short answer is Strange.

Strange Music is definitely known for housing diversity within its roster, so the addition of Danny wouldn’t really be the biggest surprise in the world, however it would most definitely shake the hip hop world to it’s core to see yet another independent heavy weight joining the ranks!

As Charles pointed out in his editorial, Danny Brown is already a touring monster, but putting him side by side with the master of touring, Tech N9ne, could take Danny’s road game to the next level.

Danny Tech

Then, of course, there’s the collaborations. Dear lord, the collaborations. Danny is known for spitting over high BPM tracks with beats bordering on EDM, so there’s definitely a place for some of the more quick-tongued emcees on our label like Rittz and Wrekonize.

Danny has also frequently displayed his lack of fear to experiment, which would mesh incredibly well with the artists on Strange Music, and especially well with in-house producer SEVEN, who’s always looking for a challenge when it comes to production.

All of these things point to a fruitful pairing between Danny and Strange, and of course we could sit and ponder the intricacies of this theoretical squad-up, but we want to know what you, the fans think!

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