‘I’m Happy To Be Where I’m At, But I Still Got A Long Way To Go’ – Rittz Speaks On New Album, Influences, Goals With HotNewHipHop [Video]

Sep 11 2014


You may thing Rittz is living the life of a rock star, but he wants you to know things aren’t quite what they seem.

On his brand new album Next To Nothing, Rittz states time and time again that although he’s finally getting some shine and things are looking up, his life is not nearly as ballin’ as outsiders may think.

Financial stress, creative pressure, and day-to-day bullshit are still as much of a part of Rittz’s life as they are for anyone else, he just happens to have an incredible talent for sharing stories of those struggles in a way that people connect with.

In this new interview with HotNewHipHop, Rittz elaborates on some of that sentiment and some of the other themes covered in Next To Nothing, as well as his thoughts on “white rappers” and some of his early (and current) influences.

Check out the full interview below, and make sure to cop Rittz’s new album Next To Nothing from your local Best Buy!



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