Jackin’ For Beats: 5 Other Instrumental Albums Wrekonize Could Destroy

Jan 8 2015


If you’ve been living under a social media rock recently, you may have missed the fact that Wrekonize has graced his listeners’ ears with yet another free project to kick off 2015 the only way he knows how.

The five-track offering Sunny Winter features Wrek going the fuck in over instrumentals from the Hippie Sabotage album Sunny, and serves as a great reminder of Wrekonize’s lyrical versatility.

The dude can rock over almost any kind of beat thrown his way, which got us thinking about some other instrumental projects that we’d love to hear Wrekonize slay. They are as follows:


J Dilla – Donuts

This album is guaranteed to be brought up almost immediately any time there’s a discussion on instrumental hip hop, so we may as well start here.

Widely regarded as one of the most influential producers in the history of the genre, Dilla was known for crafting lush, off-kilter instrumentals that served to inspire the likes of De La Soul, The Roots, Busta Rhymes, and countless others.

Donuts specifically is cited as Dilla’s masterpiece, and was his final studio release before his death in 2006. The eclecticism and lush tone of the album makes it (in this guy’s opinion anyway) the perfect album for Wrekonize to pen some bars to.

Specific Beats He Needs To Hit: “Stop” / “Lightworks”


DJ Shadow – Endtroducing…..

It’s been almost two decades since this album dropped, and this shit still holds up as one of the best incarnations of instrumental hip hop, ever.

DJ Shadow’s debut album Endtroducing….. has long been hailed as one of the greatest instrumental hip hop albums of all time, which is especially crazy considering this was Shadow’s debut album, so he was basically like the Kendrick Lamar of production at the time.

Not only are the beats just bangin’, but the varied structure and content of the album would provide the perfect playground for Wrekonize to showcase his lyrical adeptness.

Specific Beats He Needs To Hit: “Changeling” / “Organ Donor”


Lack Of Afro – Press On

Having just been put onto Lack Of Afro recently, I can’t say much with confidence other than this: the dude has soul and can make some funky-ass beats.

Press On plays like the soundtrack to the most awesome blaxploitation film that never was, with more soul and funk samples than anyone would know what to do with.

The only thing that could make this already amazing album even more dope, of course, would be some vicious rhymes from Wrekonize.

We know he can rock with percussion-driven tracks (See: “Beast Out The Box”) and there’s enough variation on this project to give Wrek ample room to experiment. We’re actually about to call Wrek and beg him to do this.

Specific Beats He Needs To Hit: “Pure Filth” / “Mongrel Strut”

herbs 2

MF DOOM – Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs (Volume 1)

While I will argue to this day that MF DOOM is one of the most underrated lyricists on the planet (as will many others), he still doesn’t get enough credit as a producer.

While there are 9 volumes to MF DOOM’s instrumental masterpiece, I picked volume 1 strictly for selfish reasons, but just know that the result would be just as insane with any of the other 8 volumes.

DOOM has a penchant for jazzy, stammering loops, allowing for all kinds of lyrical experimentation from Wrekonize. Plus, I’ve just always wanted to hear an elite rapper over a lot of these beats.

Specific Beats He Needs To Hit: “Agrimony” / “Lavender Buds”


El-P – Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3

Leave it to El-P to have the catchiest album title of all time.

Long before the overwhelming success of his Run The Jewels collaborations with Killer Mike, El-P had cemented himself as one of the most ruthlessly experimental and consistent producers in hip hop, not to mention he co-founded Def Jux records (if you don’t know, you have some googling to do).

We know Wrekonize is a fan of Producto, so we’re sure he would have absolutely no problem going in over these tracks, and we’re a fan of both of y’all, so please Wrekonize, please just lock yourself in a booth with a pound of the loud and this album.

Specific Beats He Needs To Hit: “Drunk With A Loaded Pistol” / “Jump Fence, Run, Live”



Wrekonize - Sunny Winter

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