‘WHO IS OKEY DOG?’ – MURS Explains [SM Exclusive]

Mar 11 2015


With MURS dropping the single “Okey Dog” from his upcoming Strange Music debut, Have A Nice Life, it has a lot of people wondering: “who is Okey Dog?”

Is he a real person? What kind of person wears Pro Wings with pink and green laces? Did he really knock out that many people? Let’s let MURS tell it.

Tell us about Okey Dog.

“Okey Dog” is a song about one of the toughest dudes I know. I’ve been wanting to write this song forever and I never had the right beat. He’s currently locked down right now. That’s all I’ll say about that.

He’s just an amazing dude. You ever seen a 5’9″ dude hit a 6’7″ dude with a trashcan and be ready to knock him out? I’ve seen this dude do so many amazing, infamous things, that I had to write a song about him.

When I made the song, dude was so real I didn’t want to make it about him and not call him, so I had to get in touch with his brother, who got in touch with him. Then, I got a call from the pen like “Yo!” He called me on a cell phone. “This Okey Dog, what’s up?” I’m like “Man, I did the song!” He had already heard the song…in jail! In the penitentiary. So much so, that his cellmate was tired of hearing the song, so that means he’s downloading shit – so yo, that’s on some whole other shit. So I was like, “Yo!” He said “I love the song, thank you.” He was like, “Niggas in here think I be joking because everybody in here has stories, but now that you made a song about some of the stories–”

Like, literally he will wear white Pro Wings with pink and green strings, and when someone would say something, knock them cold the fuck out. First dude I ever knew in the 90s with a Brazilian broad. Bitches…could fight…like everything. He was the dude. If he wanted to, he could have the newest clothes, but he wore – he had a white beanie he made, with orange letters – in the video we change it up – that said “Okey Dog” on it.

He’s like, “When niggas come in from the hood, from our neighborhood,” they see him and they’re like “Oh shit, it’s Okey Dog!” Like, in the pen! To this day, he has respect, but he’s not a gangbanger. It’s not about banging crip or blood. He never wore blue or red or nothing. He liked to fight, and he was good at it, and he wasn’t for the bullshit. First time I met him, he was like, “W’sup homie?”

“W’sup man?”

“I heard you said you could fuck up my homie C!”

“Nah, I didn’t say that.”

“Oh, so you calling me a motherfucking liar then cuz?”

I was like “Nah! I’m not saying–”

“Oh so you saying you could beat my homie C ass?”

I’m like “NO!”

He’s like “Then what is it cuz?! You going to have to see me!”

I’m like “Oh my GOD.” I had heard about him, he’s a legend. I’m like “Oh this dude! Stop fucking with me Okey Dog! Leave me alone!” Then my best friend came out and was like “CHILL…Chill…Chill…Chill.” He didn’t say anything to my little brother. My little brother’s like 6’4″, can bench 500 pounds ten times.

He will press whoever. He does not give a mad ass fuck, but he was a right dude. He never picked on people. He’d do shit for fun because he was bored – but just a good dude, an all around solid dude. There’s a lot of dudes that rap, talking a lot of shit, but he is that dude.

I’ve seen him pull off shit. I’ve heard stories about him. Everything. And it wouldn’t matter. If we were in a room full of Crips, he’d go “I don’t give a fuck! It’s Okey Dog Blood!” If he was in a room full of Bloods, he’d say “Okey Dog Crip!” He would make up whatever it was just because if you thought you were tough he was tougher and 99.9 percent of the time he was right. Only thing he wasn’t tougher than was the fucking law. Fuck the law. Free Okey Dog.




  • Did you ever have a friend like Okey Dog? What was he like?

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