EXCLUSIVE: DJ Whoo Kid On Hanging With Michael Jackson, Ja Rule Incarceration [Audio]

Jan 6 2011

In DJ Whoo Kid’s list of all-time surreal moments (which must be a long list), to have Michael Jackson ask him to kick it at the mall must certainly rank at the top. The orchestrator of the Bad Seasonmixtape talked to us about his time with The King of Pop in Bahrain, when fate intervened and had him chilling with the star-of-stars himself, who has always been a huge influence on Tech N9ne. Whoo Kid’s surreal account gives a glimpse into MJ seen only by the very few that knew him on a personal level, as the two maneuvered through palaces, shopping malls, and the Arabian desert together as human beings rather than as celebrities. Whoo touches on the MJ/50 Cent collaboration that never happened and also shares his take on Ja Rule’s latest prison sentence for a weapons charge, reminding him that “What goes around, comes around.”

DJ Whoo Kid On Hanging Out With Michael Jackson, 50 Cent/MJ Collabo by StrangeMusicInc

You were talking before about Michael Jackson, I was reading about that, when you guys hung out in Bahrain.

Yeah, that was weird man. That was like, the ultimate.

You said you guys kicked it on kind of a personal level.

Yeah, it wasn’t like a fan meeting Michael Jackson. I’m very personally hooked up with the Sheikh over there–Abdullah, that’s one of my boys–because he has a label. I gave him a list of people to work with, blah blah blah. He never, for some reason, told me that Michael Jackson was under his label. I guess he’s on another level, where he doesn’t really need to tell me. Me, losing my passport, I had to go stay at his palace or whatever. Michael Jackson was next door. He (Abdullah) said “Go to the pool. Everything’s there: food, women, whatever you want…enjoy.” But I didn’t know Michael Jackson was at that pool! He just happened to walk over just to hang out. I was like “Yo man! What the hell?” When you randomly walk in and see that, how do you react to that? Inside my head I was going nuts but I didn’t want him to think I was crazy so I said “What’s up? I respect you” blah blah blah. I was more shocked because he had on like…shorts! He had white shorts! Maybe it’s me: I thought he’d have a skin problem in his face and his hands, I would never think his legs is white, you know what I’m saying? We got cool. I didn’t talk to him like the way the manager and everybody else was talking to him. Everybody was talking to him like he was a little kid or whatever but I was like “What up kid! Yo!” Blah blah blah. I gave him his space. I called Tyson Beckford. He came through because he stayed with me while I was stuck. He had three days to hang out, him and his boy. I said “Come on here! I got to show you something!” So Tyson Beckford came. He’s like “Yo, what the fuck!?” So we gave him his space and we’re talking to each other and all the sudden Michael Jackson’s just laughing on the side listening to our conversation, and he just came over and started hanging with us, and then all the sudden he’s like “Yo, Whoo Kid, let’s go to the mall!” I was like “Huh?” We just went to the mall, but there’s a law in Bahrain, like no one can touch Michael Jackson. He had his robe and everything but people saw him and just stayed away. The main Sheikh or whatever, or prince, made a law: you see him, don’t bother him. Usually if you’re walking the mall, everything’s shut down. We’re going to Starbucks, we’re chilling, going to look at wierd clothes, and fake religion, true religion–I don’t know what we were looking at…we were just hanging out at the mall. We just came back, ate, and we were just chopping it up the whole time. I was like “Yo, 50 Cent is doing a movie in Morocco, which is not too far from Bahrain.” Let me call 50 and put both of them on the phone. So I put both of them on the phone and they start chopping it up and then I get back on the phone and 5o’s like “Fuck you!” and hangs up on me, because he’s never met Michael Jackson. Like, I met him first so it was fucking surreal for him to be on the phone with Michael Jackson. John Legend, who was flown in to do a record with him for that label, he came back that evening to eat dinner. We were all eating dinner but I didn’t know that John Legend’s manager was Ja Rule’s ex-manager. So I’m over here making fun of Ja Rule in front of Michael Jackson who was actually laughing at the shit. I was like “I think Ja Rule’s in the dungeon–we’re in the palace! I bet Ja Rule’s in one these dungeons!” and Michael Jackson was laughing like “Ha ha ha! Ah ha ha!” and my boy’s trying to kick me under the table like “Whoo Kid! That’s fucking Ja Rule’s ex-manager over there!” I was like “What!?” The walls came crashing down…it spoke to me man. That’s when I started believing in this thing called fate: why everything happens for a reason. I could have just had my passport, threw the event for the prince, and leave the next day but I lost my passport and it forced me to be there an extra four or five days to get through all the red tape to get a passport for me to get back home. Fate led me to go there, hang out at the palace, meet him. I interviewed Quincy Jones the other day he was like “Yo, I can’t believe you really hung out with him like that. He doesn’t usually like talking to people.”

I mean he invited you to go to the mall. I don’t think there’s too many people who can say that.

I mean he got so comfortable with me that even at the prince’s table–they have a big circular table…during the dinner everybody sat where they had to sit. The prince, the prince’s wife–Michael Jackson was sitting next to the prince and there was an open seat but I went to sit with Tyson and whoever else was there. Michael Jackson was like “Whoo Kid! Come sit over here?” because the seat was open but nobody dared sit there but he was like “Whoo Kid! Come sit over here?” I was like “huh?” So I went over there to sit over there and then that’s when I started going in on Ja Rule and making fun of him and he’s fucking over there in the Emirate area. The Arabs they have this Indian service, like all the service are Indian so they brought this lamb, this big lamb ass. So they put this big lamb ass in front of me and Michael Jackson. I’m like “Damn! That’s a big lamb ass!” The prince who really doesn’t laugh was dying, because there was all this royal-type bullshit going on, and I’m like “Yo, why is it so fucking quiet in here!?” So the prince–it was like a movie, an Eddie Murphy movie–slapped his hands and the walls opened and all these big screen TVs just like, showing MTV and music videos. Shakira was on so I was like “Oh shit, Shakira!” and Michael Jackson was like “Who’s that?” and I was like “What!? You don’t know who Shakira is?” That’s how I know how conserved he was. Like, he really was in a cage. He didn’t even know who Shakira was!


After that, he got so comfortable. We took photos–like, he don’t even take photos. We took mad photos and to top it off–we were so bugged out–to top it off: Tyson Beckford, who’s a fucking idiot, battled him in a moonwalk dance and he did a backspin–it’s sand out there, we’re in a desert, and he’s doing a backspin on the sand. It was too much for me man!

Who won?

Nah, Michael Jackson just kept laughing, he didn’t want to battle him. [Tyson] was like “I’ve been waiting for this for years, and I’m giving it to him right now!” and started battling him and he did the moonwalk and finished it with a backspin on the sand. I was like “This guy’s a fool yo!” If you ever meet him, you ask him that. It was fucking ridiculous man.

Just real quick: is that how the 50 Cent and Michael Jackson collaboration came to be? I know he’s on that“Monster” record right now.

Back then it was supposed to be a secret. Me, I’ve been doing secretive collabos for years, the P.I.M.P. remix with 50, the 2Pac and 50 joint, and then Biggie/50, Sean Paul/50: I did a lot of historical collabos that involve 50, but I wanted Michael Jackson just to do some hooks and have 50 do a hardcore freestyle and then Michael Jackson will do an ill hook, like a hardcore hook. Michael Jackson’s management got so excited that I was setting this up, because I called [50], like “do you want to do this?” He was like “Yeah, I want to do this!” It was 50’s management on his side that kind of fucked it up because they deaded the collabos because I guess they assumed that they were going to do a like, “We Are The World”, or some kind of love song or something. They didn’t give me a chance to really get it cracking. They were going to fly me back out there and I was going to choose a whole bunch of hooks and bring it back to 50 but 50’s dumb management deaded it. At that time [Michael] had that bad press, that child molestation shit, and then they didn’t want a horrible record, because I think [Michael] had a record that came out but didn’t do anything. He had a real record out and nobody gave a fuck. They thought that it was going to be something similar to that so they done deaded it. I couldn’t believe it. Like, they deaded that! So, and then, the combination of him beefing with Sheikh Abdullah–he left town and went to London. So now, he’s gone. Once he leaves and disappears you gotta deal with a whole new group of people that I don’t even know. I finally got hooked up with whoever was with him, because remember he had a hundred shows or some shit like that in London, so I was going to go there, film him, and hang out with him after one of his shows in London, but then of course he died.

Yeah. Man, it’s too bad. So that track that come out on the record that just came out, that’s something separate?

Yeah, that’s separate. That’s whatever production he did after that, that they had laying around, and they just threw 50 on. That’s just them getting 50 on the record. I called Quincy Jones and was like “Yo, what’s up with this project? What’s the deal?” and Quincy was like “Man, I don’t got nothing to do with this shit.” I was like “Okay…peace!”

DJ Whoo Kid On Ja Rule Prison Sentence by StrangeMusicInc

You were talking about Ja Rule before and this whole Twitter thing that is going on.

[Laughs] I heard it was like hijacked or hacked. Even if it is hacked, there’s too much detailed info. Usually a hacker is just like “F you” and he’ll just annoy you. When you point out so much informative stuff, it has to be someone that knows him. How many hackers know a person’s personal life like that, saying all the detailed stuff? Either he really got hacked by a friend that hates him or he had somebody hack it. I don’t see nobody hacking my stuff. I had left my Twitter open, I didn’t log out, and good ol’ Lord Sear from Sirius, he just happened to walk in. He has a show that he does and he saw that my Twitter was open. So the freaking jerk goes in there saying “Yo, I’m gay and I’m happy. I’m coming out now and I want you guys to accept Whoo for who I am.” So I’m on the highway, you know, driving and leaving my crib, going to the city–I’m on the highway and I’m getting like mad phone calls. Crazy texts and phone calls, people on Twitter. I answered my first call and Banks is like “Yo man! Why would you ever–” “What are you talking about?” “Yo man…yo, are you alright man?” I was like “What are you talking about?” He’s like “Man, are you coming out?” I’m like “What!?” He’s like “Yeah the Twitter, it says you’re going brown now.” I was like “What?” I had to do a crazy U-turn, go home to my crib, and clean all the mess up. I knew it was Lord Sear because he was the only one that was in front of my thing. But that’s the only way you could get your stuff hacked. I mean why would you waste your time getting a high-tech nerdy guy to hack your Twitter? You know what I’m saying? You have nothing better to do? Come on man.

What do you think about him and 50 kind of going back and forth.

I mean you know it’s just like Twitter comedy. I don’t think it need to get that serious. He’s getting locked up, he’s going to jail for two years or whatever. He cock-blocked 50 at the beginning of 50’s career and what goes around comes around. Kick a guy while he’s down. That’s part of his 50th Law man…show no mercy.