SO DOPE: Get Your Special Effects Tour Merch!

Apr 9 2015

Tech N9ne Merch 1

With the Special Effects tour hitting a city near you, we don’t want you to leave empty-handed. Check out our awesome merch you can purchase while your favorite artists are on the road!

The Special Effects tour has taken off, traveling the country to bring fans the most fun, most insane hip-hop adventure you’ve ever taken. As we talked about in the 9 Things To Expect On The Tour, one of these we mentioned is MERCH Get the gear to show you’ve had the experience of a lifetime.

Tech N9ne Merch 2

Show off to your friends with our large selection of merchandise (or buy one for a friend!)

Tech N9ne Merch 3

Cop one of these dope hoodies and show off your favorite Strange Music artists.

Tech N9ne Merch 4

Stock up your collection by copping some new MURS gear and tell people to Have A Nice Life.

Tech N9ne Merch 5

Tech N9ne Merch 6

We have a wide variety of Strange Music/Tech N9ne shirts,
along with the official Special Effects Tour t-shirt. Too dope.

Tech N9ne Merch 7

Tech N9ne Merch 8

With all these different options of merch, you’re bound to find something that fits your taste. Don’t miss out! Get to the Special Effects tour closest to you and stock up your closet!

  • What tour merch looks the coolest?

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Tech N9ne Special Effects Tour