‘He Is The Truth’ – Tech N9ne Talks Corey Taylor Collaboration On ‘Wither’ [SM Exclusive]

Apr 30 2015

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To achieve the rage that Tech N9ne unleashes on “Wither”, he enlisted the help of a very special contributor. The resulting track is nothing short of historic.

With the addition of Corey Taylor to “Wither”, the song went from an amazing rap/rock hybrid to an instant smash. The highly-anticipated collabo has left fans of both Tech N9ne and Slipknot completely breathless, and is another indicator that Special Effects could be the album of Tech N9ne’s career.

We talked to Tech about Corey’s contribution to the song and what he thought about it. The longtime fan of Corey Taylor and Slipknot sung nothing but praise.

Being that you’re such a huge fan of Slipknot, what do you think about what Corey Taylor did on “Wither”?

I’m fucking psyched myself on how much he did, you know what I mean? He did an acoustic chorus for me first, then he did two yelling choruses with rap, and then he did a fucking kind of choppers section with me. When I say, “I don’t think I want to stop this… I get really exhausted… [rapping]”. He said that, without me telling him to do it, and he only got one word wrong, man. You can’t hear it, but he did it on his own. He did the higher pitch. [rapping] That’s hard to say, man!


He did it! He’s fucking dope, man. He is the truth. He’s fucking dope!

A lot of people that are big fans of Slipknot say that this sounds like old-school Corey Taylor.

It is.

old slipknot

How does it feel to be someone that was able to pull that out of him?

I can’t explain how I felt once Seven came downstairs. I was downstairs writing in my office, and Seven came down, looked at me, and said, “He did it, dude. He fucking did it.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “Aw man, he did so much. He did it.” He said there’s gonna be a mix on him and we’re going to have you come up. I came up and listened to this shit. Man…I just fell over, dog, because it was just so vintage Corey, but so new. It was just so much! So much, man, you know what I mean? The only word he got wrong on that song, I said “profit nada,” like nada, like nothing. [rapping] He said “profit matter.” [rapping] You can’t even tell, you know what I’m saying? Out of all those rhyming words, he only got one word wrong, my nigga.

He’s the fucking truth, dude. He can sing his ass off, man, he got feeling. He knows how to hone in on the project and what it’s talking about. I told him my good guy was withering away, I just want to fight motherfuckers. What am I supposed to do? [rapping] He knew that I was about to snap. Then, he just came on the other one and said “We are the arsenal, chemically imbalanced, completely disposable, so butter my knuckles and taste it, another sick delinquent is wasted. I don’t forgive, I don’t forget, I haven’t got time to regret, everybody else in the world can hate me, nobody but me can save me,” my nigga. He’s fucking dope, dude.

That’s incredible. What’s else do you want to say about the song?

Next to the Eminem song, it’s my greatest dream come true, man. I’ve been a maggot since ’99. When I first heard their first LP, it hit me, you know? When this drops on the 29th, people are not going to believe how much of a roller coaster ride this song is. Whenever I listen to it, I picture myself being on the Aerosmith ride at Disneyworld, man. It’s dark in there, there’s all this rock and roll playing. You’re doing dips and going upside-down and shit, it reminds me of that ride, man. The Aerosmith ride at Disneyworld.

That’s dope, man, that’s dope.

You gotta fuckin’ YouTube that ride and what it does, you know what I’m saying? How it invites you, it’s really nice, the beginning. Like, you step into the studio with Aerosmith and they’re like, “Hey, we have this show and we want you all to come get in this car with us, you know, and go to this show!” And this silver limo pops up and you get inside the mother-fucker and it’s the roller coaster. It’s dark and it starts off really soft and nice, and then it just gets really crazy and fuckin’ calms down in the middle and it goes hard again. You know what I mean? That’s what “Wither” is, man. It’s real feelings, man, it’s real. We did not create this out of nowhere. This is what we felt in our hearts and I know Corey’s been there because I can hear what he said, you know?

Yeah, you both snap.

And I want to say that Seven and Tyler on the drums and Lucas on the acoustic guitar, Lucas Parker, without them, it would be no song without them. Corey Taylor would not have wanted to do it, but they created a track so fucking monstrous, he said, “Fuck yeah. I love the title already. Fuck yeah, I’m on it.” That fucking track that Seven put together with Tyler on the drums and guitar, and Lucas on the acoustic… oh my goodness, man. The fucking King of Clowns being played in the back. It’s fucking perfect. It was perfect for a Slipknot feature, man. Him being on the song is validation that these motherfuckers put together a fucking killer track. It fits Corey Taylor perfectly. Aw man, what are we gonna do after this, man?

Yeah, I don’t know!

A Metallica one? What are we going to do after this, man? I mean, I know me and Shinedown have been talking for a long time about getting together. Shinedown, you know, I’m a big Shinedown fan. I’ve always been an Avenged Sevenfold fan and those are my people. Machine Gun Kelley did it on his first LP. The first song he did with End Shadows, so maybe I’ll just do something with the whole band. I don’t know, man, but where do I go after Corey Taylor? Where do I go? Who do I catch now?

  • What do you think of “Wither”? Did it live up to the anticipation?
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