‘That Verse Was Something Else’ – Seven Talks Tech N9ne’s ‘On The Bible’ [SM Exclusive]

Apr 2 2015

Seven On The Bible Interview

With “On The Bible”, Tech N9ne has released arguably his most street-oriented song, a dose of pure rage towards any would-be threats. Featuring T.I. with a laid-back sinister verse and Zuse with a menacing chorus, the song leaves a lasting mark upon the listener.

The variety of vocal talents all rest on top of Seven’s beast-like production, a symphony of eerie soundscapes, gunshots and 808s. For a producer with a proven track record of sinister instrumentals, “On The Bible” might be his most threatening beat yet.

We talked to Seven to get his perspective on the making of Tech N9ne’s most g’d out song to date.

“On The Bible”, you created this song around the hook right?

Yeah, yeah.

Take us through that process from beginning to end with the making of this production.

We had the hook and we just needed to do a track to it. Travis found this hook. Travis was like “You guys should do something with this.” At that point we really didn’t have anything on this album that felt like some street shit, you know? It was all just this experimental, abstract, unorthodox shit, or whatever. The album felt like it needed something to take up that lane.

I pretty much just sat down one day with the hook and built a track around it. Something that I felt worked. Something that was aggressive, mean, and just something that Tech needed to do that we were missing on this album. So I filled up the gap.

I think it was the last song, or second-to-last song, that we did for the album, so it was the perfect time to do it, because I could just fill up the gap and make sure we had that sound on the album. I could just pay attention to it and make sure that it fits the album still.

I kind of experimented with it a little bit but not too much, I still wanted it to be street. Yeah, it came out really dope, but I think what really sticks out on that song is Tech’s verse. I mean, dude, I was like, oh man. Dude, his verse is fucking nuts, man.

We’ve never heard him be so fucking gangster.

Yeah, man, that verse was something else on that.

Had you heard of Zuse before, and what was your impression when you heard the hook?


Yeah, yeah. Immediately when I heard the hook, I heard the beat and what it should be like. You know what I mean? I loved the hook. We needed something like that on the album. So I pretty much just put together what was in my head and it worked out perfectly.

In the beginning, I was kind of imagining the drums having more of a reggae type of vibe to them, I guess. It had a little bit more swing to it. I remember Ben came over and was listening to it and was like “Nah.” I was like, “Do you think it should be more straight forward?” And he was like, “Yeah, it needs to be harder.” So, I made an adjustment during that time. I was like, “You know what? I think he’s right.” I went back in and kind of reworked the drums so they smack harder. They aren’t very loose. They’re really tight and they don’t have swing. But I think it’s better that way because it’s a cool contrast. It’s like a hard-ass beat, but still has the reggae hook.

It’s a very interesting contrast and the gun shots are a pretty crazy addition. Have you ever produced anything this sinister before?

Well, I’ve done some pretty sinister shit, man. I didn’t have to reach that far to make this one. It has a lot of the elements that I already do on tracks, you know what I mean? Kind of like a dark, operatic type of feel. It’s sort of what I do. It’s like second nature to me to make something like that. The gunshots: I knew immediately when I heard the hook. Without a beat I was like, “Oh, we got to put gun shots in this.” It feels as if the gun shots, they create their own rhythmic pattern. That’s what I wanted. I wanted the gun shots to be part of the drums.

They definitely are. What did you think about T.I.’s verse?

Well, that was the very last piece of the album.

Was it worth the wait?

That was after we got Em. I was just like…man, so many great things have happened on this album, it’s okay if T.I. doesn’t come through on this album. But I was like, man, if T.I. did come through, this would be fucking perfect, like, “please.”


Tech called me at 4:30 AM, in the morning. When we got it, I think it was the day that everything had to absolutely be turned in. That we could not push it any further. That was it. He called me and woke me up and was like “Dude, we fucking got it, man. The album is 100% complete.” And yeah, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I mean, he sends this to me and I listen to the verse and I was like, man, “fucking T.I. came the fuck through!”. And he did such a good job on that verse, he killed it. So, then I was just up for the rest of the day.

So how did you like how the song came out?

I love it. It’s one of my favorites on the album. I have so many. It’s really hard to say that on this album which ones are my favorite. I don’t really have any favorites, but it’s my wife’s favorite song on the album, so…she likes hard shit, so {laughs}. That one’s hard as fuck, so…

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