MURS Breaks Down His Five Favorite Songs From ‘Have A Nice Life’

May 28 2015


“What are your favorite songs?” It’s a tricky question for an artist to answer when talking about their own material, but MURS gave it a shot when it comes to his album Have A Nice Life.

In this interview with Myspace, MURS breaks down his five favorite tracks from his Strange Music solo album debut Have a Nice Life. For such a great album from top to bottom, this list is bound to change as time goes, but MURS told you what he’s feeling at the moment with his list.

Check out what he said about “Mi Corazon”, his favorite song on the album.

“Man, I’ve been trying and trying to do a version of this [old song]. I’ve been trying to rap [in] Spanish for awhile now. A lot of my fans are Spanish and majority of my fans are Spanish speaking. They’re from LA and are mostly Central American and Mexican.

“During my mom’s generation, there were a lot of black and white separation. But between then and now, LA culture is Latino culture, Chicano culture—that’s the heart. You can’t say Los Angeles without speaking Spanish. So I just always wanted to do something and I tried to do this remake.

“I wanted to do another remake but no one wanted to do it with me. But then, Jesse put that beat up and I felt it. You know, with living in LA and recording the record, I was like, ‘I’m gonna go for it. F*ck it.’ I know enough Spanish. I can check my congregation now with Google. So I just wrote it and I got some Spanish-speaking homies that I put it together for and said, ‘Does this make sense?’ They were like, ‘Yeah. What are you doing?’ I was like, ‘Don’t worry about it.’

“[‘Mi Corazon’ is] my favorite song. I grew up being obsessed with Chicana women. I love, love love Latin women. I love Mexican and South Central American girls a lot. During my time growing up, it wasn’t okay to date a girl like that. Blacks and Mexicans didn’t get along. You know, black and brown. It was kind of my fantasy. Like what if?


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