The History Of Tech N9ne As Told By Green Label

May 29 2015

Tech N9ne GreenLabel throws it way back to the beginnings of Tech N9ne with this extensive history on the Kansas City rapper.

Tech N9ne has been in the rap game for quite a while, releasing 15 albums and headlining countless tours over the years. Especially with the success of his most recent album, Special Effects, he’s bringing in waves of new Technicians wanting to learn more about him and Strange Music. put together a thorough explanation of the roots of Strange with “The Hardcore History of: Tech N9ne and Strange Music”.

Going as far back as his birth, they mention listening to his uncle’s blues collections, thus starting his interest and love of music. The author takes us through the young life of Tech, even bringing up his very first album, The Calm Before The Storm, released in 1999. notes the relationship that developed with Sway and King Tech that year, furthermore leading him to his business partnership with Travis O’Guin and the beginning of Strange Music.

His continuous but rapid rise from the underground scene gives Tech something to be proud of, but he still remains humble, completely disregarding monetary value.

Tech N9ne has spoken to the power of sticking to his beliefs, saying, “We’re becoming the big machine. We’re multiplying. We’ve built the empire. We don’t need any help. We would have sold out by now for money if that’s what we wanted to do. But the object is to make beautiful music for people to have forever.”

Highlighting the success of the label and the opportunities Strange Music has provided for their artists, you can truly see where business meets passion, allowing rappers to follow their dreams under the #1 independent label in the world.

Tell your friends not familiar with us to check out this article and the Beginner’s Guide To Tech N9ne to get the ultimate rundown of what Tech N9ne and Strange Music is all about!


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