THE STORM – Tech N9ne Reveals Details About Next Album In An Extensive Interview With HipHopDX

May 14 2015

Tech N9ne

2015 might be Special Effects season, but Tech N9ne’s already plotting his next masterpiece.

In this interview with HipHopDX, Tech N9ne reveals the title and hopes for his next album. To be titled The Storm, Tech N9ne is making a reference to his first solo album The Calm Before The Storm, which features Tech N9ne classics like “Mitchell Bade” and “Cloudy Eyed Stroll”.

Tech N9ne said this about The Storm

“These industry mutherfuckers, F.T.I., Fuck The Industry, is because of these mutherfuckers right now halting me like they’ve always done. There’s no ceilings after this album. There’s no ceilings. I’m going through all ceilings. There’s no ceilings. It goes the fuck up, Justin. Fuck these mutherfuckers, man. Watch me on the next album. I’m calling it The Storm. I’m planning the next album already and I don’t even have this one out all the way. Watch me do something with Gary Clark Jr. Watch me get a song with Lana Del Rey. Watch me and Alanis Morrissette finally do it like we’ve been talking about. Watch Jay Z come through, man! I’m not stopping! I’m not stopping! I am fucking serious, dude. I’m so serious. I love music, man. I love it so much it saved my fucking life. I be so happy out here on tour, Justin. Man, all these people smiling at me. I was fucked up! I wasn’t supposed to make nothing out of myself, the teachers told me in school. Nigga, I’m #1 independent rapper! What? You don’t think I ain’t gonna keep doing it? I ain’t complacent, nigga! I’m not complacent! This is world domination!”

Tech also talks about the making of “Psycho Bitch III”, performing “Speedom” live with Eminem, and the already-infamous “Dead Alive” skit on Special Effects.


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