‘It Was Just A Really Good Vibe’ – Darrein Safron Speaks On ‘Fall In Love With It’

Jun 8 2015

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Darrein Safron is back to talk about “Fall In Love With It”, his collaborative song with Stevie Stone off the new album, Malta Bend.

After last appearing with Stevie Stone on the song “Boo Thing” from Stevie’s 2 Birds 1 Stone, Darrein Safron is back in Stone’s newly released song, “Fall In Love With It”. We had a chance to discuss the song, the concepts, and putting together the music video.

Let’s talk about “Fall In Love With It”. When [you and Stevie] started that, did Stevie give you a little bit of direction with the concept or anything, or did he let you take the reins on what you wanted to do with it?

Me and Frizz, we’ve known each other for a long time. Frizz is one of the hype men with Stevie Stone, one of his good friends, but he’s also a producer. We live in St. Louis and we were at a friend’s, Tom’s house who also produces with us. He put the beat out and me and Frizz, we basically freestyled the hook in 30 minutes. Then he sent it over to Stevie’s people and Stevie liked it so much right then and there, they wanted to get on it.

We’re going to cover the most important thing first – have you had any experience going to the strip club?

Honestly, no. I wanna, maybe one or two times… the strip club isn’t really my scene but I enjoy the energy it brings.

Did that give you a little bit of inspiration behind your lyrics? What did you take from that energy into the song?

Yeah, kind of, because of the energy and a female just being really exotic. Overall, just the point of being in the club in general, whether it be a strip club or any type of club, that energy alone is what I really wanted to bring into the record. People have that vibe when they listen to it.

With the production overall, what did you think about it? Was it what you were expecting, or did you expect something different? How was your take on how everything turned out?

I loved it. I loved the production on the record. I thought it was just a really good mix between a West Coast and universal sound that anybody can really vibe to it, not just one crowd.


I know you guys shot a music video, what was that like?

Well, that was the first real music video I’ve ever been in, so it was just really exciting for me. As far as my part, they just got a wardrobe and I came to the shoot. I’ve been performing my whole life, ever since I was a kid, so when I got to the video shoot, I just incorporated a lot of my performing credentials into the video. It was just really exciting to be in front of all the cameras and the lights and the females and the money and everything. It was just really fun.

If you were telling someone about the song, what would you want for them to get out of it?

Just really positive vibes. I feel like music nowadays doesn’t… not all music, but the majority of music that’s pushed, anything that can go towards the urban crowd usually doesn’t have a positive vibe to it. I wanted to give it a positive energy so people that listen to it can be inspired to do more positive things, even if the direct message isn’t positive, the subliminal message on how you feel is.

Is there anything else you want to say about it?

Everyone was just really cool behind-the-scenes. It was really cool, the make-up artists were really cool and everything. It was just a really good vibe. Strange always brings a good vibe around their business.

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