‘You Want To Be Transparent To The Fans’ – Stevie Stone Talks Malta Bend With HotNewHipHop.com

Jun 30 2015


Stevie Stone has made a name for himself in his newest album, truly being able to express himself and where he’s from.

With Stevie Stone dropping his latest album, Malta Bend, he sat down with HotNewHipHop.com to discuss aspects about the album and his childhood, production in the songs, and the features included in his emotionally jam-packed project.

Amongst the hard-hitting bangers is a personal side to him, which he explained with his background. Growing up, he was inclined to more West Coast rap, getting into artists like Tech N9ne and E-40. Along with being into rap, he had a very musically inclined background, playing an assortment of instruments, alongside his parents and grandmother.

Growing up in a small town, life was not easy for the small-town rapper. Finding his muse in music, he found passion in his music and worked up into getting signed to Strange Music, his music creating projects that eventually led up to the development of his concept album.


The feel of Malta Bend was credited to Strange’s in-house producer, Seven, with this project being their first close collaboration. Allowing him to truly express himself and get “on the same wavelength,” they incorporated many unique aspects to his new work, including a live choir and pianist Isaac Cates (both also heard on Tech N9ne’s Special Effects). Working closely with producers including label-mates ¡MAYDAY!, he was able to finally speak from his heart.

With many different producers and features on his newest work, this became one of his biggest concept albums, truly expressing himself and telling the story of Malta Bend.


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