Five People You Might Have Missed In The New Devil’s Carnival: Alleluia Trailer

Jun 26 2015

Tech N9ne DC

Hell and Heaven are about to clash and you get a front seat to the mayhem thanks to Devil’s Carnival: Alleluia!

The long-awaited sequel to the 2012 original is closer than ever and promises to be a spectacle as Tech N9ne makes his debut as the Librarian in Heaven. With fans eagerly anticipating its release, The Devil’s Carnival: Alleluia! unleashed a brand new trailer recently that included appearances from Tech N9ne, Paul Sorvino, David Hasselhoff, and more.

While those names may garner instant recognition, we’ve compiled a list of some other noteworthy cast members that you should get familiar with before the film’s release.

Check the list and watch the trailer below!


The Butcher Babies

The Butcher Babies

If there’s one thing The Devil’s Carnival is not short on, it’s killer females. Joining the battle between Heaven and Hell are Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey of heavy metal outfit, Butcher Babies. A mix of hellish (get it?) metal and thrash, the pair have fronted The Butcher Babies for 4 nationwide releases and numerous tours that have no doubt left their share of carnage behind.

How can you be mad at these two appearing in anything?

Bill Moseley

Bill Moseley

Can you say horror icon?

Where haven’t you seen Bill Moseley before. This overwhelming fan favorite has amassed a cult following thanks to his longstanding relationship with the horror genre. Mr. Moseley has starred in a slew of genre faves, including: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

Bonus – he actually previously appeared in the first Devil’s Carnival film, so some of you should be familiar.

Jimmy Urine

Jimmy Urine

What musical massacre would be complete without a little bit of Mindless Self Indulgence?

Founder and lead of the band, Jimmy Urine jumps in the fray to play The Translator. We don’t know what that means, but we’re all for it if he brings some of that electropunk with him.

Dayton Callie

Dayton Callie

Yes, that’s Chief Unser from Sons of Anarchy. Coming back for a second go-around, Dayton Callie reprises his role as The Ticket Keeper. The veteran actor has appeared in a variety of films and shows, including: Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, Deadwood, Volcano and even Archer.

Here’s to hoping The Ticket Keeper survives til the end…’cause you know, Chief Unser got a raw deal.

Danny Worsnop

Danny Worsnop

We’re pretty sure the people behind Devil’s Carnival really just wanted to put on a badass concert because the amount of musicians in the film is outrageous.

Rounding out the list, Danny Worsnop of We Are Harlot and formerly of Asking Alexandria, hits the big screen in chapter 2. Check out the sweet hairdo.

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