The 25 Best Things We Learned From Ubiquitous From CES Cru’s Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’

Jun 4 2015


Earlier today, Ubiquitous of CES Cru took to for an hour and a half AMA. We’ve put together 22 of the best fan questions answered.

Enjoy and be sure to catch CES Cru live on The Recession Proof Tour!

TITS_MAGEE – Who Smokes the most in Strange?

when I’m on my bullshit, me 100% or godemis or noms might be a runner up

MrFattie – Are their any trends in today’s hip hop that annoy you?

over autotuned verses. like nails on a chalkboard :<

BirkaBirkowski  Ubiquitous, I just wanted to say that there was a time when my girlfriend hated rap and hip hop. Then one day, on a long car ride, I put in Constant Energy Struggles and is now dying to see you guys live and hear more and more of your material. Kudos

As for my question: what non-rapper historical figures would you put into a cypher?

Bobby Kennedy


mzbonez – Good day Mr. Ubiquitous. How in the world is your hand?wrist?finger? doing? What happened? Are you perhaps growing a robot hand that may assist you in faster blunt rolling skills while on the road? P.S. Do you smell something? Its you, cuz you s the sh*t. Be safe!

I fractured my distal radius skateboarding(I suck), code for a broken wrist, but I’m on the mend!! Wish I had a robot hand. STAR WARS FO LIFE

FearTheFish265 – If you could make a giant pizza and eat it by yourself with no shame, what toppings would you have in it?

I’m gonna go with Christina Ricci pizza. Everytime.

casamundo  What have you found to be the most successful marketing strategy for getting your music out there? What kinds of things can Indy musicians who are trying to build an audience of their own do? And what kinds of things should they NOT do–or rather, what kinds of things aren’t as effective? Thanks! Look forward to hearing some of your new stuff soon!

invest in yourself and DIY. being self sufficient is attention grabbing

Jilly_Willy  If I buy you and Godi shots at a show … what do I buy? 🙂

Patron, any decent blanco tequila. Or mezcal if they have it! (they won’t)

HellaZombies – Does it bother you when people compare you to Eminem?

nah, been rolling with that punch since 97. Not to mention he’s one of the best ever, I think it’s a compliment!

Grandolabar – When should we expect new ces content? Any thing you can tell us?

The Recession Proof EP is due for completion just before we leave for tour. NEW CES SHIT IS COMING

Riddz41 – Hey Ubi, what kind of shoes do you have, favorite pair, and what size? Can you do a video showing your collection?

Air Jordan Ones in their original color scheme. flyest most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. Might buy another pair #realtalk


Repostrepo – I have never heard of you, can you recommend some of your favorite tracks you’ve worked on?

Go check out Catch Vibes, Breathe, Skip, Unlucky, Matter Don’t Money

Dantecoupon – Ubi! you guys were sick as shit back on tour with Mayday and Murs for Mursday when you came to St. Louis. Got 1 question for ya.

When Tech got a hold of you about the phone call from Godemis from Dead Alive, what was your first thought and how did the convo with Gode go when you got a hold of him?

There was some drama surrounding that voicemail, Tech was pissed off at first!! I had to check Godemis, then he apologized and it’s all good. Now we can look back and laugh….. I guess. lol

iambarrymanilow – Hey Ubiquitous! Thanks a ton for doing this AMA. Your line “Life’s 10% what happens to you, the other 90% is all attitude” has had a great impact on how I carry myself throughout life and how I handle situations. My question is, are there any lyrics like this for you that have affected your outlook on life or your mentality?

“Actions have reactions don’t be quick to judge, you may not no the hardships people don’t speak of” RIP GURU

RockafellaCES – Weirdest place a fan ever wanted you to autograph?

I’ve signed a couple infants…. so…. yeah

spongejordan123 – Hey ubi! Hung out with you and Nony after the Madison VIP for the mursday tour. Where is Funk Volume on yours guys tracks?

they have a great roster, just scored some beats from KATO for our next EP. I fox with Funk Volume!

Royaltoolbox – How did you meet Tech N9ne?

He came to my show, and dapped me while I was on stage! …I met him like seven years before that but I was just a padawan at the time. I’m sure he doesn’t remember lol

LordTimbob – Thanks for doing an AMA man, big fan. Do you listen to any metal, if so what bands? Just curious you know? Thanks again, keep killin it dude.

Metallica. best

pighalf – Favorite E3 ubiquitin ligase?

I like when smad7 binds together with smurf2

badass__barbie – Positive energy and having an optimistic outlook on life is a beautiful thing, but sometimes we get in a funk that kills our vibes. I always use music as one of my outlets and a high to bring me back to the way I like to feel- happy. What takes you to cloud nine? If you were not feeling one hundred percent, what is the first thing you would do to start making yourself happy again?

exercise, good friends, dope movies

Kingjamesv1 – Will you do an album with Murs? He is the highlight of strange music right now! You all would kill it. Murs cru. Educated street music!!

Love murs, can’t wait to do more music with him! #haveanicelife

Toohood95 – Hey Ubi! Can’t wait to catch you on the Recession Proof Tour! Can you share anything from the set list, or let us know if you guys will be performing anything new that you haven’t previously performed?? Thanks man!

Yep, we will be doing some unreleased material off our upcoming EP

Noobzoar – Hey Ubi have you and Godemis considered doing collabs with artists outside of Strange Music, like say Run The Jewels?



Spookeboy – If you were a supervillain, where would your main lair be?

machu picchu fa sho. that shit looks ill

Schwickcds – Is there a possibility of a Twiztid Collaboration coming in the future?

for sure, we’ve talked about it already…. nice dudes!

mitchgoth – Your collaboration with Angel Davenport on Codename: Ego Stripper was amazing, any plans to do more music with her? Related question, what would be your dream collab?

I LOVE working with Angel Davenport, das my boo thang!! I can’t wait to do another one with her