WATCH: Is This Tech N9ne’s Weirdest Interview? [Throwback Video]

Jun 9 2015

Tech N9ne Goes Crazy

We see a lot of interviews at Strange Music HQ, but some of them never leave our memory, (whether we like it or not).

Case in point: this interview with Steve Serrano from Mix 93.3. While promoting The Gift Of Rap charity concert in 2012, Tech N9ne was quite frankly, a busy man. The effects got to him so much that he expressed his fatigue in the most bizarre way possible. The best way we can explain it is by calling it the “I’m Tired Dance”, but you’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

Peep the magic at the 2:11 mark.


  • What do you make of Tech N9ne’s behavior?
  • What’s your favorite “Tech Gets Weird” moment?

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