TYBG: Gianni Ca$h Of ¡MAYDAY! Blessed By Lil’ B

Jul 14 2015

based god FINAL

The Based God works in mysterious ways.

As though dropping the first release off their upcoming album Future Vintage wasn’t reason enough for celebration, one member of the Miami powerhouse ¡MAYDAY! had some extra praise come his way.

Gianni Ca$h, the man with both production skills and a mustache any man would envy, revealed that he was blessed on his Instagram by none other than Lil’ B.

Lil’ B, who has reached mythical status within hip hop (and recently in the sporting world as well), sent a series of e-blessings to Gianni, liking a few of his photos and even dropping a couple comments, one exclaiming “love you family.”

based god

With “Fuel To The Fire” stoking an already intense interest in ¡MAYDAY!’s upcoming project, this blessing from the Based God may just be the bit of voodoo needed to catapult Future Vintage into instant classic territory (Which, to be fair, was probably going to happen anyway. Please don’t curse us Lil’ B).

Listen to “Fuel To The Fire” below, and keep an eye out for Future Vintage dropping August 21st!

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