Withering Heights: Tech N9ne & Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Cross Paths At Event [PHOTOS]

Jul 16 2015

Tech N9ne Corey Taylor
Photo by Connor Johnson

What happens when Technician #1 and Maggot #1 end up in the same building? Magic. 

In promotion of his new book You’re Making Me Hate You, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has been touring the country reading stories from the book and performing acoustic sets.

Recently while performing in Lawrence, KS an unexpected guest made an appearance: Tech N9ne!

A long-time Slipknot fan and self proclaimed “maggot,” Tech N9ne watched giddily from side stage as Corey entranced audience members with tales from his life, as well as acoustic versions of Slipknot & solo material.

After the show, Tech appeared on stage to show his support and gratitude to the “Wither” co-creator and then proceeded to kick it and swap stories with the legendary rocker.

See Tech’s Instagram story of the event below, and if you haven’t heard “Wither” off Tech N9ne’s Special Effects, well then you’re missing out on what happens when these two collaborate musically.

LOL! Trying not to bust out during funny ass stories with Corey Taylor at his show tonight.

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My muh fucka Corey Taylor killin shit! A video posted by @therealtechn9ne on

So last night Corey Taylor asked me did I wanna come out and do something over his acoustic guitar show and I was like dude what the fuck would we do? Cause we never rehearsed Wither and shit so his people were like if you think of something let us know. So the show is going and going and I’m thinkin what fuck could I do with him? Then XIX popped in my head and I said perfect fucking sing along cut. Then my nervousness said, what if he doesn’t wanna do any slipknot songs? So I eased on stage fighting myself like go, no, go, no, GO, NO! so when he was done I walked out and gave him a great fuckin job hug then everybody screamed but FUCK! The guy is so talented its fuckin intimidating for even talented ass Tech N9ne so I hung back like a bitch and let him kill it! I will be gung ho next time now that I’m aware of how the acoustic shit goes down but damn what a huge fuckin missed opportunity. But its Corey fuckin Taylor right? A photo posted by @therealtechn9ne on



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