‘Strangeulation Vol. II Album Awards’ From DJ Booth – [Album Review]

Nov 19 2015

Strangeulation Review

With Strangeulation Vol. II being released tomorrow, Lucas Garrison (@LucasDJBooth) of DJBooth.net gives a thorough and witty review of the album, Grammy Award style. Lucas gives us his take on the album’s best cypher, song, verse, plus more unique categories like the “Out of Nowhere” award.

After any artist releases an album, the first thing listeners do is voice their reactions. Writers list the pros and cons of the album, what impressed and what fell short, but how do you make a review stand out without it sounding formulaic?

DJ Booth provided a unique, lighthearted review by incorporating themes of the upcoming Grammy Awards, awarding categories such as: Best Song, Best Verse, the Out of Nowhere Award and more. Though the entire review is well worth the read, his take on “Cypher V” gives hope to more Strange collaborations:

Best Cypher: “Strangeulation Vol. II Cypher V”

I LOVE that sample on “Cypher I” but in the end a MURSDAY reunion on “Cypher V” made me feel all tingly in my nether regions, so I have to give it the award. Mursday was one of my favorite projects from last year, but somewhere along the way I became saddened when I realized it might have only been a one time thing. Thanks to “Cypher V” we get a Mursday reunion where MURS, Bernz, and Wrekonize pepper a distinctly Mursday-ish beat (thanks to the percussion chops NonMS). I’d love another album from these guys, but I can certainly settle with this cypher. Anytime you can’t get these cats on a track together it’s worthy of an award. Celebratory shots of Jack for all!


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