MURS To Launch Channel On Twitch This Monday (Jan 25)!

Jan 21 2016

MURS Twitch

Ever want to kick it with your favorite rapper, play video games and talk smack? Thanks to MURS and his new channel on Twitch, now you can!

MURS is happy to announce he will be launching his new channel on Twitch this upcoming Monday, January 25, 2016! Now you can hang out with MURS while he games every Monday through Thursday, 9PM-12AM EST.

People who want to just hang out can do so for free, but subscribers get special perks: new subscribers will get an autographed MURS album, entry into contests, and much more.

MURS had this to say about the new endeavor:

“I’m definitely on board with Twitch and the streaming. I’m watching guys like Lyric and Vern. They’re excellent gamers and very entertaining to watch! I found myself drawn into it and thought, why can’t I do this? Now I’m playing video games just about all day, because that’s what adults should do. Now other adults can tune in and laugh with me and chat with me. I’m playing video games and answering questions about whatever.”



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