ICYMI: Recap Of Krizz Kaliko’s Reddit AMA

Mar 29 2016

Reddit AMA live

Approaching the release of GO, Krizz Kaliko has been bonding with his fans. After hanging out with his Facebook fans last Monday, Krizz has now taken to Reddit in order to answer some questions on everything from GO to his desired super power.

In case you missed it, here’s some of the top moments of Krizz’s AMA:

Krizz’s reaction after Eminem quoted his verse on “Speedom”:

Q: “How did it feel when Eminem called your verse on Speedom dope? Obviously he’s right, curious as how that feels to have one of the greatest ever praise your work”

A: “I was like, “holy shit, this dude is quoting my verse right now”. Even though, I already knew it was awesome, it still was cool for one of the greatest emcees in the game to quote my lyrics.”

Reddit seemed to take a liking to Krizz’s response:

Q: “How do you deal with krazy fans that are borderline stalkers?”

A: “I invite them over for dinner. Only one of us leaves…”

We’re glad he took this chance!

Q: “Were you hesitant to sign with Strange Music? Your music is far different from anything else I have heard. Were you afraid Strange Music fans wouldn’t accept you?”

A: “Not at all. I knew Strange fans would love me because I write my life, and they love that real shit…. I mean stuff.”

We highly recommend a VIP pass or the merchandise table instead – just saying!

Q: “Can I get an on stage pic with you and Tech N9ne since I’ll be front row anyway VIP at Cleveland’s Odeon?”

A: “Yes, if you want to limp home that night. We have some big guys on stage that aren’t fans of having people jump on stage, and they may get ya. You can catch me at the meet and greet or the merch booth!”

Great advice for remembering your lyrics:

Q: “I can’t remember the combination to my bike lock. How the fuck do you remember all the lyrics to all your songs when you perform live?”

A: “I just focus on the combination to my bike lock, and the words come right out.”

With Krizz heading out on the Independent Powerhouse Tour this week, this question seemed fitting:

Q: “Do you consider touring stressful? Can’t wait to see in VA on the 13 of April.”

A: “Yes, it’s very stressful. But I love it. When I’m on tour, I’m in my element. There’s no place I’d rather be at that moment.”

Have you ever wondered what ingredients Krizz Kaliko would use when trying to sabotage a burrito? Well, here’s your answer:

Q: “If you were tasked with making the world’s most disgusting burrito and every possibly ingredient was at your disposal, how would you make the burrito?”

A: “I’d start with mucus from a recently flu-stricken goat, mixed with a g-string from a dead prostitute. Cheese, of course. You can’t make a burrito without salsa. With an eyeball on top. And Jalapeno peppers.”

How could you disagree?

Q: “If you could be a superhero, what would be your super power(s) and would you rather be a Marvel character (Avengers) or DC character (Batman, Superman)?

A: “My super power is that I can kill any super hero that I wanted to. My power is to make them powerless against me. And… I have to have Rittz’s hair to do it.”

S/O to The Hat.

Q: “What’s your favorite deli meat and why? Try to be convincing if you answer anything except Pastrami.”

A: “Pastrami is my favorite deli meat. One of my favorite places is in San Bernadino, called The Hat. It specializes in Pastrami everything.”

See the full Reddit AMA here.


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