Tech N9ne Shows Off His Latest Movie ‘The Devil’s Carnival: Alleluia!’

Mar 8 2016

Devil's Carnival

If you’re a heavy metal fan or a horror movie fan, or both, what’s not to love about this photo?

Paying homage to one of the big four of metal, Tech rocks a Megadeth T-shirt, while showing off the latest movie he starred in, The Devil’s Carnival: Alleluia! Tech just received a Blu Ray copy of the film, the second installment in The Devil’s Carnival series. In this musical horror film, Tech stars as one of the main characters, The Librarian. With the help of some supernatural powers, The Librarian just wants to keep his library quiet, his books organized, and his pupils busy. But most importantly, The Librarian wants to make sure the banned books stay banned. Check out his Instagram post below and watch the official teaser:

WATCH the teaser for The Devil’s Carnival:

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  • Did you know Tech N9ne is a Megadeth fan?

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