Exclusive Interview with Kiddo, featured artist on “See You On The Other Side” [SM Exclusive]

Jun 22 2016

We know what you want, and that is an exclusive interview with Kiddo, the featured artist on “When It’s Gone” and background singer for “Smoke N’ Fuck”.

So, for those who are unaware, tell us a little bit about your career and how you got into music.

I’ve been making music in Miami and have had a lot of latin influence. I recently had a song with AtellaGali from South America. I had a song with them that did pretty well (“Close To Your Love”), it went #1 in South America. I collaborated with Strange for Bernz’s new album See You On The Other Side that is coming out. I’ve been focusing on my new EP, it is going to be called Okay To Disconnect, and my single “Lost” is going to be out this summer. It has been pretty exciting.

How long have you been making music?

I started really making music when I was 16. That is when I got my first song put out, and I am going to be 20 this year. So, just four years.

You sounded great on “When It’s Gone”, four years isn’t very long for an artist, and to be already that established with your sound and the people you are affiliated with is awesome.

Yeah, it’s funny because when I went to go do “When It’s Gone” they asked if I want to jump on another track too, and now I’m on that track doing some backup vocals on “Smoke N’ Fuck”. It is kind of funny and totally random that they ended up putting it on the album.

So, have you been performing at all down in Miami or anywhere around there?

Yeah, I have performed at Speakfridays and I’m supposed to do another show at Speakfridays in Wynwood. I have performed with Artificial. I did a show at the Latin Grammy’s after party last year in Vegas. I have been doing shows here and there, some friends’ events; mostly in Wynwood and the downtown Miami area.

I would imagine that Miami is a great place for the music scene.

Yeah, there is a lot of R&B and Latin that comes out of Miami. It is hard because they have boundaries, so I am trying to make it to where I can squeeze my way through that and make my own genre coming out of Miami.

Speaking on Bernz and your work with ¡MAYDAY!, how did you officially get linked up with him?

I don’t know if you know Ghost Rida, the rapper, but his producer became my producer and manager and he knew ¡MAYDAY! from back when he was producing with them. When they heard the tracks that we were working on, Bernz asked me to come by to see if I would sound good on a track and we ended up doing “When It’s Gone”, we did some background vocals on “Smoke N’ Fuck”, and we ended up writing a few tracks together. We just clicked.

As far as “When It’s Gone” how has the response been? Whether that’s between you and your friends, the scene in Miami, or the internet in general? Have you gotten a good response from it?

Yeah, a lot more creepy messages (laughs), but overall really great response. I was kind of scared because I feel like the track is very raw, they didn’t want to put anything on it and people really like it – well, I hope they like my voice on it. I am pretty happy with the response we have gotten.


What was the process of making “When It’s Gone” like? Were you in the studio with Bernz, or did you lay down the chorus afterwards?

My friend Khris (Stige) actually wrote it. He is in the Pushers. I think that we ended up switching a few words, but we came in, laid it down, and hung out for a bit, discussed the vibe, switching a few phrases. It was a pretty quick process.

They kind of wanted to know what I wanted to do with the song, but it sounded great. Khris is a phenomenal writer. I did not want to change the vibe. They already knew what they were going for; this album is going to be great.

Have you gotten to hear anymore of the records on this album?

Yeah, it is really good. I really like the one that I did the background vocals on, “Smoke N’ Fuck”.

That one keeps a similar vibe with “When It’s Gone”.

Yeah it does. It is better to keep it in one place. You don’t want to have an album that is like “what are you trying to do here, are you trying to morph to the modern music today?”, but it is his own thing and it is also modern so it’s cool.

They put a sweet twist on everything. That is what we were talking to the Pushers about – keeping it organic, but understanding where the industry is going.

The original track for “When It’s Gone” was literally acoustic guitar and I really like what they did with it. Look out for what the Pushers and Bernz are putting out this summer. It is going to be good!

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