Bernz Interviews On His New Album, First Time Getting High, And Creativity With Smoking

Jul 12 2016


Bernz takes some time to talk See You On The Other Side and weed shenanigans with

It’s easy to tell Bernz’s album is the weed-smoking, summer anthem everyone has been waiting for. It only seemed right for Bernz to chat with, Snoop Dogg’s cannabis-friendly website focused on culture, video, food, and style dedicated to expressing a new cannabis mentality.

Bernz touches on how ¡Mayday! is his baby, but he has recently been taking a break from that and how smoking weed and dabbing lets him explore his creativity.

“I think when you smoke weed its relaxing, and it gives everyone common ground. I love writing rhymes. Writing or making stuff like creating music or making a beat.”

While Bernz has been busy in the press with his interviews, this brief read talks about his first time getting high as a 16 year old kid and his preference of natural smoking versus dabbing. This is definitely a good read for those who indulge in smoking.

Check out the full interview with MERRY JANE HERE.

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