DJ Booth Gives Cheat Code Review Of See You On The Other Side

Jul 11 2016


DJ Booth gives a Cheat Code album review for Bernz’s See You On The Other Side.

 ‘It’s deceptively complex, it’s versatile, and perhaps most importantly, it’s Bernz.’

Nathan S. over at DJ Booth picks his top 3 stand-out songs from the filler-free See You On The Other Side. Starting off the review with an ode to “one of the best hip-hop groups running” ¡MAYDAY!, he goes on to talking about an already proven Bernz making his first solo release.

“There was already no question about Bernz’ talent, so I don’t really look at his new solo album, See You on the Other Side, as a chance to prove himself or break away from the group… Instead, it’s a chance for us to see his more unique creative vision”

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