‘That Is My Brother’ Tech N9ne Talks Working With Bernz [SM Exclusive]

Jul 7 2016

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We sat down with Tech N9ne for a quick interview about working on See You On The Other Side while on the road and his thoughts on “Quiet Place”. See what he had to say about the process!

What has it been like working with Bernz individually? Is it different from working with him in the ¡MAYDAY! setting?

That is my brother. Those are my brothers down there in Miami. Working with ¡MAYDAY! is like working with family. This time was nothing different. When we were on tour and they recorded me doing this verse in Detroit right after the meet-and-greet, it was like a family gathering.

When I got up there to record it, there were some guys outside of the Detroit Fillmore Theatre beating on drums. We had to send our security to get them to stop beating for a few minutes so I could do the verse. It was not going to take me more than 10 minutes to lay because that verse was my heart. Bernz sat there while Wrekonize recorded me. We do the same thing when we are down in Miami. Bernz is an extension of ¡MAYDAY! and it is always a wonderful experience, because they are real musicians.

Tech Denver 73

Was it a lengthy process to write your verse for “Quiet Place”? When you are on the road is the writing style a little bit different? Does that change for you?

They sent it to me and I wrote it in the back of my bus. They needed it by a certain time. I do not write on tour, like at all. It would have to be important in order for me to do it out there because it is hard to concentrate, but for that song I just had to let loose my heart and how I felt about the current state of some of the people we work with. It came out really wonderful. I pulled it out of me and I recorded it in Detroit.

How do you think the song came out hearing the final product?

It is way brighter than when we laid it. We do not do anything but the best. It came out wonderful; it came out perfect to me. At first I thought I was slightly off beat because I was so passionate about what I was saying, but I was on and it was good. The song is perfect.

  • What do you think about what you have heard off of See You On The Other Side?

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