Tech N9ne Discusses Meaning Of Warrior Built Emcee Contest With DJ Booth

Aug 11 2016


DJ Booth goes in-depth with Tech N9ne and Warrior Built Foundation founder Nick Hamm.

With Tech N9ne’s Warrior Built Emcee Contest underway, people are curious about the origins of this unique opportunity. Our friends at DJ Booth get the scoop with two of the stars of this contest.

Though a hip-hop artist and a former Marine may not seem to have much in common on the surface, it turns out their stories have many similarities. Hamm struggled with finding a proper therapy solution when he was wounded in combat. He decided to take it upon himself to create an environment for other veterans to allow them a safe space to heal without the use of harmful substances.

Very similarly, Tech creates his own refuge for his listeners through the creation of Strange Music. Without finding a lane to join in the music industry, he created his own and allowed a place for his fans to feel like they are home.

With the contest track, “PTSD”, this will allow those struggling through issues such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety, just to name a few, to have their voices heard.

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