Tech N9ne Reveals New Mask!

Sep 12 2016

For the folks attending The Calm Before The Storm tour, you may notice something slightly different about the K.O.D.

Just over the weekend, Tech N9ne revealed his latest addition we’ve heard so many rumors about: his new mask. Thanks to Corey Taylor and his wife Stephanie, Tech was able to get in touch with the right people to make the mask finally come to fruition, and it looks incredible.

After taking the mask on a test run through the first three stops on The Calm Before The Storm tour, Tech took to Instagram to give his followers a closer look at the mask.


And covered me with more shit and,,,,,

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And totally covered me so he could get a mold of my big Kingdom head! Jake and his people worked day in day out to get this masterpiece to me to rehearse in before tour but it took a little longer for perfection so he said he’d fly into my first show in IOWA to bring me it! I’m on fuckin pins and needles cause I’m thinking what if it doesn’t work? If not then I won’t have a face painter to paint my Worldly Angel like I like! But Jake ended up overnighting it to Strange HQ the morning our tour busses left but we pulled off before it arrived! Pins and FUCKIN needles man but my colleague Cory Nielsen drove that bitch up to Iowa right in time for our first sound check! WHEW! Which brings me to the conclusion! I’m,,,,,

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Sooooo thankful for Corey Taylor and his wife Stephanie for hooking me up with Jake to create my very first performance MASK! I FUCKIN LOVE IT, IT FITS PERFECT AND IM GOING ON SHOW 4 Tomorrow without any flaws! What took two hrs to paint every night, now takes two minutes to get it on and positioned properly! Such a release you guys! I’ve been painted since 1994 till 2016! But that ended on my video set to I GET IT NOW cause that will be the last recording of me having actual face paint! The new era oddly started in Iowa being that the people who helped me have hella roots there! I feel even more INVINCIBLE and SUPER HERO like than EVER before! Long live the, KILLER CLOWN! #NOFUCKSGIVEN PS, Jake is working on different color schemes I want as we speak! The way of the future (clears throat) The way of the future, The way of the future (clears throat) The way of the future! Howard Hughes! T9!

A photo posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on

  • What are your thoughts on Tech N9ne’s new mask?
  • Would you like to see more masks in the future?

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