Big Scoob Launches ‘H.O.G. Fridays’ To Talk To Fans Live On Facebook

Oct 11 2016


Leading up to the release of his new album, H.O.G., Big Scoob launched ‘H.O.G. Fridays’ where he will be hosting a Facebook live stream to talk with fans.

Scoob launched his first live stream on Friday, October 7th, where he had conversations with fans.  If you missed it, you check it out below and tune in every Friday to hear more from Big Scoob. During his first live stream, he talked about:

  • His favorite cigars
  • The incredible amount of love and energy he receives in Canada
  • The meaning behind H.O.G.
  • What inspired him to write his latest tune, “Walk The Line”
  • Being influenced, musically, by artists like Etta James, Buddy Guy, Scarface, and Ice Cube, among others