Tech N9ne Teases New Metal Collab

Oct 14 2016


In anticipation of the iTunes preorder of The Storm, Tech N9ne just teased a new metal collaboration.

In 2015, Tech and Corey Taylor (of Slipknot) got together to make one of the biggest collaborations, melding hip hop and metal . The result, “Wither” has since been a fan favorite. Not to be outdone by his past work, Tech teased his next metal collab. From the little that we heard, we’re excited. We won’t spoil the surprise of who it is, but if you’re at all familiar with the metal and rock scene, you’ll immediately recognize who’s on this track.

I don't wanna do this anymore STOP tellin me that we can make it in a hell where it's gonna be many more SHOCKS! Use to be I needed love now I need about 3or 4 SHOTS wit another round just to hit it now yes I'm messier than any gore PLOT! I am doing what the sick does, takin anything to get buzzed, stead of eatin wit the family I rather get my dinner in a strip club, not a evil that can rival me becoming even darker than a crip slug comin ta clip bloods took the gentleman and put him underground like in dig dug! So long every day shit there's no hope for we, repetition kept us glitchin yo folks bore me, I'm turning into what my lady provoked for she never really knew inside of my brain having ho soaked orgies, CONSTANTLY! (STARTING TO TURN) Who's the Metal feature on my new album? TELL ME?

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