WTF?! – Shia LaBeouf Lays Down Bars On Sway & Reveals He’s A Tech N9ne Fan

Nov 11 2016

Shia LaBeouf Freestyle On Sway

Well, that was unexpected.

Everyone’s favorite eccentric celeb, Shia LaBeouf, recently stopped into Sway In The Morning and pretty much lit the place up with his try at the Five Fingers of Death Freestyle. Let’s take a moment to digest that – Shia LaBeouf freestyled on the air and it was good. In fact, it was all around pretty dope and no one saw it coming.

Now, we should acknowledge that his love for hip hop is well documented – he has various tattoos of Missy Elliot, Tupac and Biggie. However, that doesn’t account for a celebrity’s ability to rap, much less freestyle and Sway’s reaction says it all:

And as it turns out, when he’s not marathoning movies he’s starred in, Shia LaBeouf listens to Tech N9ne:

Thanks to a chance meeting between Strange Music Head of Security (and all around OG) Muggs and Shia LaBeouf in New York, we get this added layer of craziness. Unfortunately, as Tech pointed out, the time difference in Australia made it so he missed a call from Shia LaBeouf, but hopefully the two are able to reconnect sometime soon.

Weird things, man.

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