‘If There’s A Style They Go For, I Can Adapt To It’ – Darrein Safron, On ‘Get Off Me’ And New Mixtape

Dec 12 2016

After hearing Darrein Safron’s verse on “Get Off Me”, you know we had to get an interview.

Since the release of The Brilliant EP back in March, we’ve heard very little from the St. Louis native, but that hiatus is definitely over now. In order to pick his brain about how “Get Off Me” came about and his upcoming mixtape Call Logs, we gave him a call.

Check out the full interview below!

You’re putting a twist on what Strange Music has been used to – bringing R&B into the mix. When working with guys on the label, do you feel like you have to switch up your style at all?

It depends. It depends on the artist and what they want for their project. Most of the time, I feel like most of what I do can touch any style that there is. If it’s a specific style that they go for, I can always adapt to it.

Getting into “Get Off Me”, which just released earlier today, you’re on the track with Tech & Problem which is obviously going to be a huge record. How exactly did that track come about?

Seven sent me over four beats and was like, “Just make hooks and verses for Tech’s album.” I ended up making four songs and “Get Off Me” happened to be one of the four that I sent back to Seven. When I wrote that song, I actually just channeled everything that Strange fans would like and figured since I have this platform to speak a message to them, let me speak directly to them for this first 16.

This will be one of the first times Strange fans have had the chance to really hear you spit. We know you began singing at a young age, but at what point did you start writing raps?

There’s a lot that goes into my rapping. I’ve always loved music. My dad brought me in as a singer and I was very St. Louis – which is obviously an urban city. I remember being in ISS in middle school, writing raps. With singing, you get to speak to a person’s emotions, but with rapping, people have to listen to what you actually have to say.

I feel like if I want someone to get to know who I am, I can’t sing and tell them that. I can, but it’s going to be a different feel than if I sit down and tell you the story. That’s what I like about rapping. I’ve always had a passion for it.

You’ve got Call Logs coming December 16th. How will this project differ from The Brilliant EP? What kind of impact are you trying to make with Call Logs?

The Brilliant EP was already three – four years old. When I had got to Strange, I basically was like, “I’ve got this right here. Let’s put it out to introduce myself.” Call Logs is new material. The second thing is there’s so much me in there. There aren’t really any outside producers. Everything was done within my camp. If there’s a producer on there, I grew up with him and we all produced the record together, in the studio.

Everything down to the mixes – I made sure that the mixes sounded exactly how I wanted them to. Call Logs is something that I’ve been working on since day one. Since I was 14, I had a mixtape that I wanted to drop, but never got to that point.

Now, I finally feel that I’m at that point.

We couldn’t agree more. Be on the lookout for Call Logs, dropping Dec. 16th!

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