WWE Superstar Apollo Crews Shows Love To Tech N9ne

Dec 15 2016


Tech N9ne love seems to be spreading through the ranks of WWE.

In 2016 especially, we’ve gotten word multiple times that both former & current WWE Superstars have some Strange Music on their playlists. As many of you know, The Rock was one of the first to express his love for Tech N9ne, one of the artists he listens to while he hits the gym:

From Mitch Buchannon to Luke Hobbs.. For #BAYWATCH I came in at 238lbs of lean, mean, rated R comedy machine. Plus, I had to be leaner cause we had to look at my boy @zacefron’s insanely ripped 28 pack abs every day.. *yawn. For #FastAndFurious8 I’m stepping on set 260lbs of the meanest, strongest and most highly funny & entertaining shit talkin’ version of Hobbs the franchise has ever seen. The 6,000 calorie per day diet, training and focus is hard core. When you see #Fast8 it’ll all make sense. And when you see where we’re going with the character in the future it’ll really make sense – and you guys’ll reaaaaallly dig it. #Hobbs #1GraveDigger #AhOOO #Fast8 (s/o to my brotha @therealtechn9ne.. we out here handlin’ this business).

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Apollo Crews, one of Smackdown’s newest Superstars and former lead of NXT, has now taken to Twitter to show love to Tech N9ne while he traveled back to WWE’s performance center in Orlando, FL.

We can only hope that Apollo was listening to Tech N9ne’s new album, The Storm!

  • Which tracks do you think Apollo was bumping?
  • What tracks would you suggest to Apollo?

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