WATCH: Tech N9ne Answers Questions About ‘The Storm’ On Facebook Live

Dec 20 2016

Tech N9ne took to Facebook to tell all about The Storm.

When an artist releases a new project, it only seems right to share the day with the fans that help make it possible. On the release day of The Storm, Tech whipped up a quick Facebook Live stream to answer any questions about the album.

It was an informative 45 minutes, discussing his features on the album and going through some of his favorite songs. He went through the ins and outs of the album, talking about his work with features, such as Gary Clark Jr., and deciding what beats to include on his latest release.

Tech explains “Wifi (WeeFee)” as a track describing how people are looking for the “plug”. Not in the way you might think, however – he was looking for lyrical beasts that can connect the audience to their music. He wanted to get Jay-Z and Kanye West on the track, because he felt these artists made that connection.

I’ve been trying to get Jay on a track for a while now. And when I heard this track from Seven, I wanted this certain drum pattern [beatboxes]. Seven killed it, and when I heard it, it reminded me of something that could be on a newer Watch The Thrones. I wanted to slide it to Jay, and then after Jay did it then I wanted him to slide it to Ye. I wanted all kings on this. So people who can say they’re the “wifi” – what I mean by that is that they can get people connected, put people on. Take them all over the world, like I do my artists… I turn people on to them, I get them hooked in, connected, like wifi.

Following his description of his songs and working on the album, he also reveals he is already working on the next Tech N9ne Collabos album, but the famous Strangeulation title will not be held up. The next chapter of the Collabos albums, according to Tech, will be entitled Strangenetics. He decided to change the name for this album because each of the artists brought together their music and talents to the album, creating the “genetics of Strange Music”. These albums combine the efforts of every artist on the label to create a full-length project.

Watch the entire Facebook Live stream below!

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