WATCH: Tech N9ne Tells Fuse TV Jonathan Davis Collab Almost Didn’t Happen [Video]

Dec 16 2016

Tech N9ne says that his collaboration with Jonathan Davis, of Korn, almost did not happen.

Tech gave Fuse the inside scoop on how he and JD were still able to make “Starting To Turn” despite the initial miscommunication. Back when Tech went backstage to show Corey Taylor his idea for “Wither”, he also met Jonathan Davis for the first time. JD was there because he was all on board to make music with Tech. Tech, however, wasn’t told ahead of time so he had no idea.

In the full Fuse interview, Tech explains how they were able to rectify the situation and finally make a song together. He also briefly mentions an idea for a music video with Jonathan Davis.


Listen to “Starting To Turn”:

  • Can we be expecting a music video for “Starting To Turn”?

Let us know!