Playlist: Fans Pick The Essential Ces Cru Songs

Jan 10 2017

A little tip for those moving halfway across country…

Before you get a mattress, silverware or even the internet, it’s of utmost importance to find yourself an anthem repping your new set.

For yours truly, moving from DC to KC didn’t feel real until I was driving through Missouri with a Hatfield sandwich from Jack Stack seatbelted in my passenger seat (safety first) and Ces Cru’s Recession Proof curtain-call, “The MO”, blaring through my speakers. Sure when I got home, I had to eat my Jack Stack on my floor with a spoon because I have no furniture or forks, but thanks to Godi and Ubi’s vehemence for the Show Me State and Seven’s shimmering yet sleuthing boardwork I finally felt home.

That’s why I’m picking “The MO” as my essential Ces Cru song. But what the fuck do I know?

If you really want to know what the choice Cru cuts are, you need to ask the fans…. So we did.

In anticipation of the dynamic duo’s new album Catastrophic Event Specialists, we asked fans to pick their favorite cuts and turned it into a spiffy Spotify playlist for your convenience; call it the (C)ru’s (E)ssential (S)ongs playlist. You can check out all the answers on Ces’ official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but as an added bonus, we’ve included some of the best answers below; because it’s not just about the songs, it’s about the why.  “The MO” made the cut–because I said so–did yours? While you wait for Catastrophic Event Specialists’s February 10th release, be sure to keep this playlist, and the rest of Ces’ library in heavy repeat until then.

‘Recession Proof.’ Ultimate Ces Cru gym track. The way Ubi & Godemis go back & forth is too dope.”– Kyle Zachmann

“Tough question but ‘Colosseum’ for the way Ubi head hunts with hella clever wordplay”– Ian Jefferies

‘Klick Klack Bang’ and ‘It’s Over’ got me through Afghanistan!”–Vasquez Joseph

‘Seven Chakras‘ because the beat was sampled from Chrono trigger. Greatest RPG of all time.”–Justin Delong

” I like ‘Gutter Race’ the bass is disgusting and it motivates me to exude nothing but absolute awesomeness everywhere I go.”–Anthony Paese

“The very first CES Cru cut for me was ‘Peter Parker.’ Plays on my party playlist, workout playlist and my running playlist.”– Robert Allen

“Can’t believe only one other person said this. ‘Sound Bite.’ The back and forth shit and the flow is ridiculous and the beat is incredible”– Rob Harmon

“Hearing yall do ‘PBSA’ live was fuckin dope. My boys didnt want to listen to me when i said ces was it, but they did after that lol.”–JoJo

“Not that I know anything about it or anything but ‘Whips’ is fun when running from the cops”-Bostyn MorningStar

‘Wall-E’ is dope! The song let’s everyone know how bad we are messing this world up”–John Herrera

Those are just a few of the most popular, and most passionately suggested answers HUNDREDS of suggestions. For the rest, be sure to peep the (C)ru’s (E)ssential (S)ongs playlist and as we near the release of Catastrophic Event Specialists (now available for pre-order) get ready for some brand new Ces Cru tunes (sure to make the next round of their greatest hits).

  • What is your favorite song in the playlist?

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