WATCH: CES Cru – “Average Joe” – Official Music Video

Feb 14 2017

Rappers and hyperbole go together like peanut butter and jelly. The next thing is always the greatest thing until the next thing…then that is the greatest. That’s what makes CES Cru’s visuals for “Average Joe” so intriguing. No bullshit, no hype. In fact, it’s the opposite.

According to Ubiquitous, the director and star of the video,  “It’s showing my total mediocrity.”

Never fear, mediocrity is merely a premise not an actualization. While the video itself depicts  Ubi’s mediocrity– “straightening shelves, sweeping, and butchery”— the video as part of the Catastrophic Event Specialists experience will be anything but mediocre. In fact, “Average Joe”– Ubiquitous’ solo effort– it will work in tandem with Godemis’ solo offering, “Slave” released last week– to create a unique, circular video that will require multiple viewings in different orders to grasp the whole picture. If a Ces-ception video experience isn’t enough Ubiquitous promises, “There will be Pigs heads.”

Without further adieu, enjoy “Average Joe” and be sure to check out the newly released Catastrophic Event Specialists!