Celebrate 4/20 With Our “Strain-ge Music” Playlist on Spotify

Apr 20 2017

Happy Holi-daze, Technicians!

Chances are if you are celebrating today, then it’s really not that different from any other day, but still, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a little bit of time to honor nature’s sleeping pill/appetite-grower/nature show-enhancer right?

Of course any veteran smoker knows that no session is complete without the proper tunes, so, to free you up for more Funyons eating and joint rollin’ we got your soundtrack covered. From the recent “Some Good” to some joints of The Worst and everything in between from everyone on Strange the “Strain-ge Music” playlist is the perfect soundtrack for the holiday…or just any other normal session.

Hey, it’s always 4/20 somewhere, right?