Listen: Wrekonize – “Knuckle Dragging”

Apr 28 2017

Pissed off? Bad day at work?

Seek Solace in Wrekonize’s new effort “Knuckle Dragging”

As Wrekonize’s new solo album inches close to release–Friday, May 5th–the Miami-based emcee unleashes yet another potent effort that builds even more anticipation for Into The Further. “Knuckle Dragging,” produced Ralfy Valencia of The Pushers & Infamous, is dedicated to all those hot under the blue collar.

Atop a gritty, dense instrumentally driven by slicing guitar riff, Wrekonize dons the role of a server fed up with shitty customers, shittier tips, and a seemingly never ending shift.

Though fiction, Wrekonzie’s acrimony and frustration–while still maintain his usual charisma and energy–gives this song an authenticity that will resonate with anyone who’s ever had bite their tongue and swallow their pride in order to keep a job they didn’t even want in the first place. You may not be able to let the inner-savage out, but at least you can vent with this stellar effort!

Though Into The Further is just days away, you can purchase “Knuckle Dragging” (and any of the other album efforts Wrek has unveiled early) on iTunes now! To get the most out of your Into The Further  journey, however, pre-order the album via Strange Music to get your Into The Further pre-order pack and be automatically entered to win one of two amazing prizes!