“A Cross Between a Caveman & Wreck-it Ralph”: Wrekonize Talks “Knuckle Dragging” Origin & Inspiration

Apr 28 2017

Wrekonize’s upcoming solo album, Into The Further is a follow-up to 2013’s The War Within, sequentially (you know, because it’s coming after) but thematically as well. Into The Further, picks up where The War Within‘s therapy session left off and takes us  further into the psyche of Wrekonize.

Still, there’s one more way The War Within carries over to Into The Further… “Knuckle Dragging.”

Though the newest song off Into The Further, released just a hours ago, “Knuckle Dragging,” is actually an old song. In fact, it’s origins pre-date the release of Into The Further.


Who better to explain than Wrekonize?

How did “Knuckle Dragging” come about?

I actually wrote this song when I was working on The War Within so I’ve had it for about 4 years. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if the storytelling direction was the best route to go. Sometimes story raps can come off corny or gimmicky to me so I was hesitant to finish the song.

When this album came around I was looking through old stuff to get some ideas and this one came on and I was like ‘why didn’t I finish this?!’ It also feels like something I don’t have a lot of on the album. It’s hard, aggressive, and the rest is spacey. It feels much needed.

What did you have to add, remove or modify from the old version to make it new?

It only had one verse and a hook on it. When I started working it again, I  committed to keeping the story and penned a second verse taking place after walking out of the job and summing up the notion that sometimes you just have to do something as caveman-like as you can to warrant some modern day respect.

What was the inspiration for the song?

When I first heard the beat it felt like it could be the backdrop for a story of some sort. It has this aggressive boom bap to it that made me feel like it could be about some sort of confrontation. Then I imagined this comic book version of myself drawn like a cross between a caveman and Wreck-it Ralph with huge knuckles and dragging them along the ground. That image became the inspiration.

I thought back to times in the past when I’ve encountered rude people at my jobs and wanting so bad to send them to hell. So telling this story and having the hook be a declaration of defense to that kind of behavior was my way of giving the nod to people who know exactly what I’m talking about.

Talking to the artists about their work is always fascinating; you always learn something and and unexpected. With how fresh it sounds and how well “Knuckle Dragging” fits into Into The Further, I would have had no idea it predates The War Within and considering the hostile message, I wouldn’t in a million years have guessed it was inspired by a Disney movie.

That’s what so great about music, you hear something and make these assumption in your heard about where it’s from and what it means, then you find out the reality is it’s completely different.

A blue-collar, fuck-it anthem inspired by Disney, if “Knuckle Dragging” is any indication, Into The Further should be full of surprises.