Listen: Wrekonize – “Unknown Number”

Apr 12 2017

“New phone, who dis?”

New song, it’s Wrekonize!

With his new solo album rapidly approaching, Wrekonize takes us deeper Into The Further via the colorful effort “Unknown Number”. Where “Clones” was menacing and dark, “Unknown Number” showcases Wrek’s diversity, hosting a bounding, synth-laden production from Llamabeats. Though the energy is off the charts and despite the song’s distinctly summer-esque bounce, it’s all not sunshine and smiles.

With lines like, “And every time I think I’ve left you you calling again it’s like as if you know the moment I’m starting to mend,” Wrek vents on a toxic, on-again, off-again relationship using his perfect hybrid of singing and rapping. Culminating in an epic, cathartic breakdown, it seems as though Wrek has finally broken free once and for all…

Unless of course his phone starts ringing again…

Into The Further is locked in for a May 5th release, but you can get both “Clones” and “Unknown Number” immediately when you pre-order the album on iTunes!