Listen: Fans Curate Stevie Stone “Levels Of Stone” Spotify playlist!

May 26 2017

With a rejuvenated creative energy and laser focus, Stevie is planning to Level Up on his forthcoming album; taking all his fans with him to the next stage of his career.

But to know where you are going you have to know where you came from.

In Celebration of Level Up, Stevie’s fifth Strange Music album, we asked Stevie Stone’s loyal fans to share their favorite Stevie tracks from prior “levels” so we could put them in to one gritty, banger-filled Spotify playlist.

For some it may serve as a stroll down memory lane levels, of others it might be the crash course, either way, the “Levels of Stone” playlist will give you all you need to Level Up.

Of course, just as important as which songs were picked is the reason. So On Stevie’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter,w e asked fans to share why and got some great answers in response!

“Outer Lane without a doubt. Being a truck driver out there in the road missing my little ones never knowing when ill be back home. I can really relate to it.” – Thomas Reilly

“Momentum. If you’re into sports or something of that nature, it’s a great track to listen to or if you’ve been down and you’re back to the top.”  –  Zach Jacobs

“808 Bendin! First time I was introduced to your music!” –  Kevin Mcdonald

“Cypher on Strangulation 2, it’s a raw beat you kill it love your stage performance of the verse it’s a deep one too” – Xian Ingle

“Legacy…why? Because of the Intro part” – Gina Irene

“Get Fucked Up. Its my all time favorite. Just love the beat….its sick!” – Brad Perry

“2 Birds 1 Stone because it’s great gym motivation and gives me the chills. It really amps me up no matter what kind of mood I’m in”- Lyfe

“Boomerang I’ll never get tired of you and Krizz rappin and singing shits catchy.”- Cass

“Malta Bend. I’m from Marshall and I feel the depth of the lyrics and relate to the sincerity of it” – Charles Morrow

“I really resonate with My Remedy. I know I really like a song when it send a chill through me and I just vibe with it so much. The music is the remedy when shit really just isn’t goin right.” -Cameron Root

Thanks to all the loyal Stevie fans for their input and supporting the Strange Music stalwart for years. Get excited! It’s almost time to Level Up! Himmi!