On ‘Paradise’ Stevie Stone Warns All That Glitters Is Not Gold

May 25 2017

“It can go one of two ways”

Reflective of the title of his forthcoming album, Level Up, Stevie Stone has taken his work to the next level. According to Stone himself, “It’s about leveling up all the way around the board. Production, lyrics, concepts. A bigger album.”

The catalyst for his elevation?

“I did a trip to LA and I got a lot of inspiration working with so many different producers and artists.” Stevie said, concluding, “It really set the tone for the album.”

Nowhere is his elevation, and the trip that caused it, more clear than on his new single, “Paradise”

With an airy backdrop cut by crisp drums from producers Dem Jointz and Fredwrek–both California natives known for their work with West Coast legend Dr. Dre–and a subtly imbuing hook from Jenn Em “Paradise” has a cool California strut to it.

Close your eyes and picture yourself relaxing on the beaches of Malibu or cruising down Hollywood Boulevard.

Sounds like “Paradise” right? Be careful, though, because not all that glitters in The Golden State is gold.

Lending credence to Stevie’s commitment to “leveling up,” “Paradise” has some sinister shadows sleuthing behind the sun splashed effort that make it a more engaging, complete listen.

With that growling flow, Stevie laments on how, even in paradise, trying to “live lavish” can get you “caught up in hype” leading to “Back stabbing, mac grabbing.” The duality Stevie Wrestles with is hammered home by Jenn Em, who belts out, “You can be the predator or prey” on the breezy hook that rounds out the complete effort.

A summer anthem good for parties, BBQs, and cruising, yet still dense conceptually and lyrically? I’d say Stevie has definitely Leveled Up.

“Paradise” is now streaming on Spotify, and is available for download on iTunes when you pre-order Level Up.