Stevie Stone Breaks Down “Jacob’s Ladder” In Interview With XXL

Jun 9 2017

A week removed from the release of Level Up, the album’s character, from the biggest themes to the smallest snare, is beginning to take shape.

So far, “Jacobs Ladder” has emerged as a fan-favorite.

With the intricate boardwork, Stevie and Adrian Truth’s emotionally-charged vocal performances, and a deep, motivational message, it’s no wonder the song has resonated deeply with fans.

In a recent interview with XXL
, Stevie broke down the stand-out cut.

“Every album, I gotta put something motivational. I’m always one to motivate for the people that need that ambition and motivation, that extra push and that’s every album I do. I have to give something like that. This is the first album I don’t got as many. Usually, I got more of those type of records, but like I said, this was like a fun record, but I still put “Jacob’s Ladder” in.

And I just reflected, reflected on life and everything like that, what I done been through and the message is to keep pushing, you’ll find a way. Sometimes you gotta make it through the chapter, you gotta go through that, so that’s what that was about. Seven came with the beat and Adrian [Truth], they handed that one to me and I hopped right on it.”

Sometimes, it’s a catchy beat or a funny line that resonate, but ultimately, it’s the songs like “Jacob’s ladder” that take the connection to another level. When an artists bears their soul on a song like Stevie did on this one the result is special; it’s exactly why “Jacob’s Ladder” will stop you in your tracks.